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With all the heat and humidity, it’s important  to find hair care products that are going to keep my hair hydrated and frizz free. Organix Smooth Hydration Collection has shea butter to balance hair and scalp, and weightless argan oil smooths and restores shine. I got to try the entire collection and here’s what I thought (keeping in mind I have been natural since January).


Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo– This is not the best shampoo but it is not the worst either. It’s not as cleansing as I expected. The formula is very creamy, but it does not lather well (no I don’t have hard water). It does leave my hair with more moisture than the average shampoo, so maybe it’s purpose in life is not to be a great clarifying shampoo.


Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Conditioner– This is a lightweight conditioner and you can tell by how sheer it is. This conditioner hydrates my hair very well, rinses clean, and leaves a good bit of slip to my hair. For the price, it’s a pretty good everyday conditioner.


Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Moisture Restore Mask– This mask is one of my saving grace conditioners when my hair needs a little TLC.  I used it after my last hair color (that’s the only reason I use these deep conditioners).


Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Yogurt– When it comes to these cream hairdresses, they never work in my favor. It works very well to define curls and give moisture, but it was temporary for me. I had to re-up in the middle of day. No dice.


Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Weightless Oil– It did good at controlling my frizz. However, you have to reapply at least one more time during the day to restore shine. It’s not intolerably greasy, but it really depends on your personal hair texture. My hair absorbs pretty well.

Overall for the price, this is a good collection for my hair because I do not have severe damage. I always look for something that will restore my hair’s moisture, especially after coloring my hair.  The scent overall is good because it’s very light and it does not irritate my sinuses. When you think about this line, think light but moist, like a cake! There are lightly scented, moist, frizz free days ahead with this collection.

All products from the Smooth  Hydration collection retail for $7.99 each. You can find these products at Walgreens and Ulta.

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