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Soaps To Live By is an Indie company founded by Andreea Ayers in 2013. These inspiration soaps are not only cute but they are handmade, organic, and they give back! Keep reading to check out my thoughts on the scents I tried, how the company gives back, and how you can wash yourself in a little inspiration!


These handcrafted soaps are simplistic and beautiful. The bars weigh in at about 4oz a piece. They are wrapped in a label made from biostone (stone paper), which is biodegradable and fully compostable.  I like the concept of just an outer wrapper. It’s easy to remove and morally easy to chunk in the trash. The bars of soap are square and each bar comes with a single inspirational word etched right into the bar.

Oatmeal Cloves, $8


This soap has the word ‘bliss’ etched into the front of it. I made Oatmeal Cloves my go to soap in the morning. I associated this soap with breakfast. The clove scent was warm, inviting and intoxicating. The oatmeal made my skin smooth and soft.

Ingredients: Organic safflower, sunflower, palm & coconut oil, organic oats, essential oils of clove bud and cassia, organic cloves, rosemary extract

Patchouli Orange, $8


Patchouli Orange had the word ‘hope’ on it and rightfully so. I had hope that I would be able to use this soap but guess what? My husband stole it. This ended up being his morning soap and he really enjoyed it. So much so that he wants me to buy a few bars of this for him. The patchouli smelled very earthy and sweet, the orange gave it a bright and zesty balance!

Ingredients: Organic safflower, sunflower, palm & coconut oil, essential oils of patchouli, organic orange peel powder, rosemary extract

Peppermint Rosemary, $8


I have to thank Andreea from the bottom of my heart for this soap, because it got me through the summer when it was really hot and intolerable at night. The peppermint was so refreshing and cooling. The rosemary was so rich and tangy. I used this every night before bed, and let me say- I was cooler and I could drift right off to sleep. Making the term ‘dream’ etched on the bar relevant.

Ingredients: Organic safflower, sunflower, palm & coconut oil, essential oils of peppermint, organic wheat grass, organic barley grass powder, organic peppermint leaf, menthol crystals, rosemary extract

Giving Back

Soaps to Live By is organic, cruelty free, free of chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, artificial dyes, sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate & phthalates. The bars are sustainably handmade, and the palm oils found in the ingredients are all fair trade. Most importantly, for every bar of soap you buy, a tree is planted.

You can find the soaps I reviewed and tons more at And stay tuned for a giveaway! 😉

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