Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Douce Lueur


There was so much buzz about these blush/bronzer duos on Twitter I had to get my hands on just one. I actually wanted both, but my Target only had this one (bummer).

Sonia Kashuk Douce Lueur (also known as Glisten 52) (0.24oz) is a blush and bronzer duo with a crocodile skin print. The bronze side is more gold than it is bronze. This will work well women of all skintones. The blush side is a cool white based bubblegum pink. I doubt I will get many uses from the blush, it’s too cool for my skintone. Mix the two colors together and you get a perfect bronze with a light hint of pink. Now that will work well on darker skin tones if  you want to wear the pink.

Edited: Pigmentation is really good on both sides. The pigmentation is also very versatile because you can go really light, or really dark. The bronze side is not a overspray, it’s deep and warm and golden all the way through. With a brush, pigmentation is horrible. You will literally want to claw your eyes out trying to pick up color so here’s a tip: Fingers or cosmetic sponge, pick one, apply, and then blend out with a brush 🙂

Douce Lueur lasts well on the skin, I can get 8 hours out of it with no problem of fading away.

There are two other duos offered in the collection. Glimmer 51’s blush is more orange. Glow 53’s blush is an even cooler pink than Glisten 52. All of these blush/bronze duo’s retail for $12.99. If you are not feeling the blushes on any of these, you can buy just the bronzer Sonia Kashuk Bare Illuminating Bronzer – Goddess 40 for $12.99. You can find these in your local Target. They are not offered online at all.

More photos and a swatch below!


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5 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Douce Lueur

  1. Rosie Areola

    I picked this up at Target but put it back…..kinda regretting it now, it looks much better swatched.


  2. Brandelah Michelle

    I love the idea of mixing those two colors! The warm would cancel that white base nicely.


  3. Kerissa

    I picked this up after reading this post and contracting you on Twitter. I’ve only used it once do I’m hoping I can get the same pigmentation displayed here because I didn’t on the first use 🙁


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Use a sponge applicator to pick up color the best. It’s not all that great with a brush. I apologize for leaving that very important piece of information out, but I edited my review for you! <3


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