Spring 2015 Zoya Delight Swatches And Review

Zoya Delight

Even though temperatures are at record lows, spring collections are upon us!  I only wish the appearance of spring collections would also apply to the weather.

Zoya’s spring 2015 collection, Delight, brings the promise of better spring days to come.  The pastel colors are a welcome sight during these cold, winter days.  Half of the colors are cremes while the latter half all share a similar blue shimmer.

Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Daisy

Daisy (three coats): “refreshing lemon meringue yellow metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash”


Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Eden

Eden (three coats): “classic spring flower pink”


Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Leslie

Leslie (three coats): “soft spring lavender metallic with an energizing turquoise flash”


Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Lillian

Lillian (three coats): “faded aquamarine”


Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Rayne

Rayne (three coats): “dewy, spring blue metallic with an energizing turquoise flash”


Zoya Delight - Spring 2015 - Tiana

Tiana (three coats): “pistachio gelato green”

My main problem with this collection is the opacity of the polish.  I love the colors, so I don’t mind the potential addition of a fourth coat, but I’m sure this may be a drawback for many people.  I recommend waiting a bit between coats to prevent dragging.  The only color I’m not crazy about is Eden because of its similarity to other colors Zoya has released within the past few collections.  I have a soft spot for Leslie because it looks a lot like my wedding polish, Jessica Cosmetics Born 2 Pansy.

I can’t really complain about the weather due to the lack of snow in Charleston.  Are any of you looking forward to spring as much as I am?

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4 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Zoya Delight Swatches And Review

  1. Collective Beauty

    I love how soft and wearable this collection is! I got Leslie in a Sample Society box and wear it all the time, I love the hint of blue it has! 🙂


  2. loveforlacquer

    beautiful swatches! this is such a great Spring collection!!


  3. BTBAshley

    Beautiful and perfect for the Spring! I’m bummed to read about the opacity. That would definitely prevent me from buying these.


  4. Victoria - manicurator

    I love love Lillian! I used these for a sugar spun mani so I didn’t have to worry about opacity 😛


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