This Spring’s Must Have Accessories

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This spring and summer’s fashion accessories are a brilliantly eclectic mix of punk, 90’s cute, and fifties chic, with some almost space-age elements thrown in for good measure. The colors are bright, the handbags are ridiculous, and the sunglasses are to die for. This spring’s must-have accessories are pretty darn exciting.



You know that annoying feeling when you have to throw away an earring because you lost its partner? Well, never again! Huge, dangling statement earrings in all manner of styles and colors are here to stay, but they don’t need their twin anymore. The more mismatched, the better – a dragon ear cuff on the right ear pairs magically with a dangling mess of beads and jewels on the left. After all, symmetry is for losers.


Statement sunglasses

Oval, square, and cat-eye glasses in black and brown are so last year. This year, sunglasses are getting funky. Any color under the sun, and any possible shape, seem to be fair game now – the brighter and more bizarre the better. Expect to see them bejeweled with crystals and anything else that takes the designer’s fancy. They’re fun, funky, and fabulous.


Interesting handbags

Bags are going extreme this year. Teeny tiny, beautifully jeweled Thumbelina bags which will probably hold no more than a lipstick and a credit card were all the rage on the catwalk. As were gigantic, bottomless duffel bags in every color and fabric under the sun. There was the odd cute fanny pack on the runways too, in black leather or bold, embroidered designs. As long as the bag is huge, tiny, or not worn over your shoulder, chances are you’re going to be bang on trend.


Boots to wear with dresses

We never can predict the weather, so wearing huge clunky boots with pretty dresses is the best way to ensure your cute little pumps don’t get ruined, and the look was everywhere this year. Cute little party dresses paired with platforms that 90s goths would be jealous of were shown by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Loewe.


Intriguing hosiery

As was seen on the catwalk for winter 2016, plain black or nude tights are ou and fun, printed hosiery is totally in, and it’s a trend expected to continue right into this year’s summer. Sheer tights with tiny printed cherries, YSL monogrammed stockings, and a whole load of cute tiny bows were on the catwalk, and they look like they’re here to stay.


Kitten heels with ankle straps

Actually, any shoes seemed to have ankle straps. From delicate, thin black leather on elegant stilettos, right up to thick fabric straps on sporty platforms, such as those by Proenza Schouler, and inch wide leather straps on cute kitten heels by Monse. Actually, platforms of many forms are looking popular, as are kitten heels, backless sandals, and knee high leather boots – like I said, it’s eclectic. But the socks with sandals thing seems to have gone, so at least there’s that.


This year’s spring fashion accessories are mismatched, eclectic, and ridiculously cool. It’s going to be a great year.


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