Introducing Squix + Germ Fighting Office Essentials Every Beauty Blogger Should Have

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Introducing Squix, the first online retailer for germ-fighting products. The founder, David Bernstein had a problem. He couldn’t find germ fighting products he was looking for in one simple place, so he created that place. Squix offers users the ability to subscribe to a monthly box based on their needs, or simply shop for individual germ fighting products on one site.

For $21.98 a month, Squix will send you a Qbox with three full sized products and bonus gifts delivered to your door. The box is fully customizable, satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel or pause the subscription at any time.

Squix also features an easy to navigate web store that is organized into the following categories, so you can shop for what you need:

  • around the house
  • out and about
  • baby & kids
  • pets
  • travel
  • sports & fitness
  • office and electronics
  • planet -friendly

I decided to dig right into the office and electronics category. As a beauty blogger and a business owner, it is important to keep my electronics clean of germs, oil, and dust in order for them to perform properly. Here’s what came in my box, and they might be useful to you as well.

Phonesoap GermGuard Black iPhone Case ($19.95)

While this looks like a plain ole phone case, it is anything but that. Phonesoap GermGuard iPhone Case is an antimicrobial phone case that offers similar ionic silver technology seen in hospitals, utilizing a patented inorganic antimicrobial agent that cuts off oxygen to germs and bacteria, killing them in their tracks. I will not get the opportunity to try this case out, because I have an iPhone 6 Plus and this looks to fit a 5.

e-cloth Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth ($3.99)

Remove smears, fingerprints, makeup, oils, grease, grime, and dirt and fight bacteria with this cute and affordable cleaning cloth.

AM Lab Anti-Schmutz Mist ($12.99)

This was by far the most innovative product in the box. Anti-Schmutz Mist is what happens when a sanitizer spray and microfiber cloth joins forces in one convenient product. Simply spray your screen, then use the attached cloth to clean the germs away. This product is affordable and easily re-fillable.

Wireless Wipes ($4.49)

Even though the Anti-Schmutz Mist is innovative, a simple pack of wipes have always been my speed. For under $5, you get 20 wipes specifically designed to clean items, like cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and eyeglasses. Bonus? They have an intoxicating scent of green tea and cucumber.

Do you think Squix is a convenient way to purchase germ fighting products without having to visit the store? Would you try Squix?





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