It’s Levels To St. Ives Scrubs, Here’s A Handy Guide

st ives levels

Whenever I talk about St. Ives, especially the Apricot Scrub I hear the same thing all the time: “That exfoliator is too rough on my skin”. While I personally love it, I think that it’s important that you understand there are levels to this girl!  If you love St.Ives products, but the Apricot Scrub is too harsh, maybe you should look into a more gentle exfoliator. Did you know St.Ives makes a wide assortment of products (ok well 5) that exfoliate  at different levels? Take a walk with me

Exfoliation Level- Gentle

If you like your skincare effective, yet gentle, you have to give one of these a shot! The Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub is noticeably missing the walnut shells that St. Ives so famously uses, but contains 100% natural exfoliant hydrated silica which is gentle but efficient at scrubbing away whatever drama is on the surface of your skin.

The Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask scrub actually contains the walnut shells, but you will notice that the walnut shells are finer in texture and not as densely distributed as the Apricot scrub.

Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub and Mask

Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

Exfoliation Level- Moderate

So, you’re like a tween! Or should I call you Goldilocks! You are the not too hard, but not too soft, but just right girl when it comes to exfoliation. Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub also has 100% natural exfoliant hydrated silica, but also has Vitamin C to give the skin that extra little pop of brightness. I see you sunshine!

Even & Bright Pink Lemon  Mandarin Orange Scrub

Exfoliation Level: Deep

These scrubs are for the girls like me that like it rough (you have a dirty mind). The one notable difference between the Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub and the Blemish Control Apricot Scrub is the inclusion of salicylic acid to not only exfoliate, but keep acne at bay.

Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

All St. Ives scrubs retail between $3.99 and $4.79. To learn more, visit the world of St. Ives at or

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2 thoughts on “It’s Levels To St. Ives Scrubs, Here’s A Handy Guide

  1. Niki @ Cheapalicious

    the green tea scrub is my holy grail exfoliator. i was using the apricot one for a while when i was younger, but over the years it became too harsh for my skin. i’m thinking about trying that pink lemon one. great post!


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