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The nights are getting darker (and colder) and the wind is picking up; winter is just around the corner! This means that your beauty routine needs to change to keep up with the demands of the season.

The most essential piece of winter beauty kit is a good facial moisturizer. Your poor skin will have to put up with sub-zero temperatures and biting wind, so you need to give it some protection. Look for a gentle day cream with a UV protection factor (even though it’s winter UV still poses a risk), and invest in a nice rich night cream to help your skin replenish itself whilst you sleep.

Do think about tanning; obviously you’re not going to go for the just-got-back-from-St-Tropez look, but a very light natural shade is slimming and looks realistic. To avoid patchiness or flaking get it done by a salon with a good range of spray tan equipment, and opt for a reasonably priced package to make sure you get a good service.

Lip balm is a handbag essential at all times, but particularly during winter! Old favorites like Vaseline can be fine, but the particles are actually too large to penetrate the skin’s surface; they simply sit on top and make your skin feel hydrated until the balm wears off. A waxy based balm (made from beeswax for example) is not only natural but can also be absorbed by your skin, giving it a good dose of moisture to stop lips becoming sore and chapped.

Your last essential defense against the cold should be an intensive conditioner to keep your hair shiny. Cold weather and central heating can dry out hair and leave it frizzy and unmanageable. A good conditioner should be used once a week (use it as a weekly beauty treat), and left on for a few minutes to work its magic. To really increase its effectiveness, pop a shower cap on and wrap your hair in a warm towel, to open cuticles and allow the conditioner to penetrate more deeply. Remember: prevention is always better than cure, so protect your beautiful body now before it’s too late (or too cold)!


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