Step Away From Tradition: Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary, there are a few different routes that you could go down. There are, of course, the more traditional options. You could choose gifts according to the traditional meaning of each anniversary. I mean, it’s great when the ruby wedding anniversary comes around, but you will have had to have been married for forty years to get the goods. Paper and cotton in the first few years are a little trickier to buy for. Which is why more and more people are choosing more unique ways to celebrate an anniversary with their spouse. If you are looking for something a little different, then look no further. Here are some ideas for you.


Matching Tattoos

If you both like to get inked, or perhaps it would be your first time, then for a special anniversary you could get matching tattoos. It could be a small symbol or even something like your wedding date. For a milestone anniversary like your tenth, for instance, you could even get tattoos on your wedding ring fingers. Who needs to renew their vows when you could just do this? Then you’ve always got something to show your commitment to each other, whether you wear your wedding ring or not. You can see more wedding ring tattoos online, to give you some inspiration if you think it might be a good idea for you.

Recreate Your Wedding Day Menu

Most people will celebrate their wedding anniversary by looking back on their wedding day. You might rewatch your wedding video or try and get back into your wedding dress. Something a little different is to have the meal that you would have had as part of your wedding breakfast. Making it together could be fun, and it will be romantic as you reminisce about your memories of the day. So can you remember what your first meal as a married couple was?

Cross Something Off The Bucket List

Most people have a bit of a bucket list, right? Even if it is something that they haven’t written down, there will be things they’d like to do or places that they’d like to visit. As a couple, there will probably be a few things that you’d both like to see and experience. So making a plan to do one of those things as part of your anniversary could be a really fun way to celebrate. Whether it is that you both want to do a skydive, or you both want to visit Italy. Make plans, and it will be an anniversary to remember.

Get Creative

It might be something that you start early on, but creating a tradition around your anniversary is something that you’ll both come to enjoy. For a fifth anniversary, you could get five red roses (or whatever your favorite flower is). For an eighth anniversary, it could be eight pot plants or doughnuts, for example. Just get creative each year, and you’ll both have something to look forward to.

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2 thoughts on “Step Away From Tradition: Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

  1. Ellie Jackson

    Cute ideas April! My sister in law received a sketch of her wedding dress created by a Dreamlines artist for their one year. I loved the idea that my husband surprised me with a sketch of my dress on our wedding day. Coolest idea!


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