The Style-Friendly Supplements You Won’t Find In Your Sunday Paper

The Style-Friendly Supplements You Won’t Find In Your Sunday Paper

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So much of what we talk about in regards to beauty is from the skin up. We talk about the benefits of exfoliating, slather ourselves in potions that promise eternal youth and wouldn’t dream of going to bed without taking our makeup off. To an extent, it makes sense. We’re trying to fashion the outside of our bodies to be the best they can be, so internal health hasn’t got much to do with it… or so you’d think.

Here’s a new rule for you: don’t see your outside appearance as a separate entity, but just the outer shell of what goes on inside. If the inside isn’t ticking along as well as it can be, then the outside is going to show it. It’s like playing with iron filings with a magnet. You can see the filings are moving, but you can’t see why. Look beneath the paper, and there’s the source of all the movement and disruption.

You probably already know that you should eat a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables and low on grain. It’s barely possible to flip through the internet without finding that advice thrown at you. But what if you want to optimize your external health so you see the results not in how you feel or what your energy levels are – but your external appearance?

Hair Too Thin or Falling Out?

Then consider supplementing biotin. Here’s a fun (well… relatively?) fact: there’s no such thing as Vitamin B. What we group together as Vitamin B is actually a collection of related, but not identical, B vitamins. It runs right through from Vitamin B1, Thiamine, to Vitamin B12, Cobalamin. Biotin is Vitamin B7.

If you want to improve the texture or thickness of your hair so you can do those amazing up-dos you stumbled across on YouTube, introducing Biotin to your regime is a great idea.

Sit All Day or Got Poor Posture?

Have you ever seen a shop mannequin slouching? Of course not! They stand tall and proud, allowing the clothes to fall in the way the designer intended them. If you stoop or slouch – which a surprising number of people do without realising it – then your outfit is never going to look as good as it could. The problem tends to be worsened if you work at a desk, which encourages poor posture.

If you do this for long enough, it’s not a reach to suggest your skeletal system will begin to suffer. Boost yourself back up by considering supplements, reading AlgaeCal reviews and getting feedback from others in your age group. When you strengthen up with supplements, it should be easier to walk taller.

On A Final Note…

You may want to attack me with bees for bringing this up, but: water. You know you should drink a lot of it for the sake of your health – but if you care about your skin, then it’s not a good idea. It’s an essential. Water helps flush out toxins, so if you have acne problems or an uneven skin texture, then get to work drinking around two liters per day.

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