Sugar Tropic Tan Blush And Bronzer Duo Swatches And Review

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Sugar Tropic Tan Blush And Bronzer Duo is a jumbo pressed blush/bronzer duo compact. Tropic Tan Blush and Bronzer Duo promises to give you a summery glow no matter what time of the year.


Tropic Tan Blush and Bronzer Duo is packaged in a huge compact. The blush is 0.26 ounces worth of product, the Bronzer is 0.32 ounces worth of product. The color of the compact is a beautiful rose gold mirror finish. If you are a stickler for products that are fingerprint magnets, you are gonna hate this packaging! The compact also has a mirror on the inside. The mirror is very large and I find myself using it all the time.

It is of course not realistically easy to travel with this product or store it.  And beauty hoarder worth their salt will still love and appreciate this compact nevertheless.


Both the blush and the bronzer are powder textured, but very silky and smooth.


The blush side is a soft, medium pink with a fine shimmer that reflects silver. The bronze side is a warm tan color. It has a semi-matte finish, no glitter or shimmer.  My problem with this bronzer is it might not work with skin tones my color or darker.  I employed my mom and swatched it on her hand. You decide.

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(my mom’s hand)

Sugar tropic tan  (2)

(my hand)

The color picks up very faint with a brush and very well with a sponge applicator. So if you are looking for light application, use a brush. You wanna contour or have deeper application, use a sponge.

Sugar Tropic Tan Blush And Bronzer Duo retails for $28.  Availability is a tad sketchy, but I see it’s at DermStore, and they sell Sugar Cosmetics at Kohls too.

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