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Buying presents for birthdays can be hard, but none more so than for a guy who is two things: fussy and stylish. There are certain things which are no-gos that everybody is aware of, but other things you can genuinely think that they’d like or want … only to be so far away from the reality of it that it can hurt when you see their reaction. So what are the safe options when trying to include style into your gift?




You can’t go wrong with an Italian Necktie. Like the Little Black Dress or red lipstick, it’s just something that never loses class and is always in style – especially when going out to dinner or to another high-profile event such as a wedding or business meeting. They’re transferable and interchangeable, and can be worn with so many different shirt combinations that it’s a bit of a blessing – it’s loads of outfits all rolled up in one. For those who are involved in their work and are spending hours commuting from A-B, it can be just the thing that they need in their bag to get them looking from just-travelled to entrepreneur-chic in seconds.




We don’t really tend to think of getting men jewellery when we think of gifts – in our minds, this is more consigned to the girls. However, we shouldn’t be limited in our judgement. Guys like jewellery just as much as women do, although it may not exactly be the same tastes. Buying a good, solid bracelet such as a leather bracelet with an inscription on could be just the thing that they never knew they were looking for. It can be personalised to make it even more special for the both of you, and encourage it even more so to be something he won’t be willing to take off.


Plain Shirts


A lot of the time, the errors on our judgement can be due to the print that we pick. Stylings and prints are extremely subjective, and while you may be thinking that he likes stripes, he may know that deep down he actually likes checks – but is too polite to say so. That shirt will just hang around at the back of his wardrobe. Going with a plain shirt in a colour that you know he likes (take a look in the wardrobe or try and remember what you’ve seen him in) will be an instantaneous winner. It’s a safe choice, but one that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. Make sure that you get the collar width and other sizings right and remember if it’s long or short sleeves that he prefers.




If all else fails, just buy them vouchers a shop that you know that they frequent often. Sometimes, styles can changes so drastically and rapidly that you won’t know where to begin. That’s absolutely fine; let them decide what they want and where they want to get it from. That way, you’ll know that you’ve got them the perfect present!

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