Swatched It! Cirque Kontiki and Coronation

Back in my early polish collecting days, one of the most sought-after polishes was Clarins 230.  For those of you not familiar with Clarins 230, it is a sheer purple jelly with a unique color-shifting shimmer that changed from red to green depending on the angle.  Pretty Random has some fantastic pictures of this polish .

While I do own Clarins 230, I’m excited to see polishes with similar color-shifting pigments, such as Cirque Colors’ Kontiki collection.  The collection consists of three bright jellies with color-shifting shimmer.  As a bonus, I have also included Cirque’s limited edition polish Coronation.
   Cirque Coronation
Coronation (3 coats) is a jewel-toned purple jelly with red-to-green color-shifting shimmer.  This polish comes with a rose gold-plated ring by Jeannie Vianney, which contributes to the high price of Coronation ($48).  The closest alternative is Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire, but it is only available for sale in the UK and Australia.
Cirque Kontiki - Dear Dahlia
Dear Dahlia (3 coats) is a bright pink jelly with gold-to-green color-shifting shimmer.
Cirque Kontiki - Midsummer Night
Midsummer Night (3 coats) is a vibrant blue jelly with red-to-green color-shifting shimmer similar to Coronation’s.
Cirque Kontiki - Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water (3 coats) is a saturated turquoise jelly with gold-to-green color-shifting shimmer similar to Dear Dahlia’s.  It is brighter in person.
I’m definitely in love with this collection!  I hope this brings a little bit of summer to you during the upcoming dark months.

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Janice Agagas-Welch is a Filipino Navy brat raised in Northwest Florida living the good life in the Lowcountry. She’s a married dog mom and licensed nail technician who has owned over 2000 polishes over the last 5 years. She also loves food, cider, mid-1990s R&B, college football and anything Peanuts/Snoopy-related.

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  1. Cheapalicious

    coronation and thicker than water are beautiful! i need these!


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