Tackling The Double Cleansing Trend With Neutrogena


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Do you double cleanse? Do you know what it is? You might not have heard of it, but I bet a lot of you actually do it already! Double cleansing is all about using one product to remove makeup, and another product to deep clean the skin. Today I will show you how to double cleanse on a budget with Neutrogena.

Step One: Remove Makeup


Normally, when double cleansing, you would use micellar water or an oil cleanser to remove waterproof makeup, or any other makeup product that just won’t come clean with a facial cleanser. In this case, we are going to use makeup remover wipes. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($6.99) are ultra soft and promise to remove 99.3% of your most stubborn makeup. These towelettes have been a staple in my makeup removing routine for over 2 years now. They remove all makeup and hard to remove eyeliner and mascara while leaving my skin with moisture. As an added bonus, you only need one towelette to do the entire job.


Step Two: Deep Clean


Now that your makeup has been removed, it is time to provide your skin with a deeper cleansing. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub ($5.99) powers away dirt, oil, and any leftover makeup. Microbeads gently exfoliate and Beta Hydroxy cleans deep to minimize the size of pores and leave you with soft, smooth skin.

Now it’s time to hydrate with your favorite moisturizer, oil or night cream and relax! Your face is clean, smooth, soft and ready for whatever!

Do you double cleanse? If not, is this something you will try in the future?

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  1. Heather ツ

    Lol, I was like “Oh, double cleansing is a *trend* now”….


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