Take The Edge Off Your Man’s Age With These Beautifying Birthday Gifts

We often talk about how men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But, in some ways, men and women aren’t as different as we believe. This is particularly the case when it comes to aging. None of us embrace it, irrelevant of gender. The only difference is that no one bats an eyelid when women dye their hair and wear makeup. When men try that, everyone laughs.

In a lot of ways, getting old is worse for men. That’s why your man may not be embracing his next big birthday. Who wants to mark another year? More wrinkles and more gray hairs to desperately cover with a sweep over. The good news for you is, this gives you a perfect opening for gifts. Men are a nightmare to buy for. Focusing on gifts that help him feel better about his appearance could make life easier for you both. Here are some ideas he’s sure to thank you for.


The Braun Series 5 Razor, as mentioned on the new site of Manly Matters, is sure to go down well. Coming in at $199.99, this isn’t cheap. But, with reviewers pulling this out of the bag as the best razor, it’s a small price to pay. If your man can keep himself clean shaven, he’s sure to feel better about his appearance. After all, nothing’s worse for making him feel old than the scraggly growth of a gray beard.

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The Honest Amish Beard Oil is perfect for men who are keeping hold of their beards instead of shaving them. At the end of the day, men are more susceptible to baldness. As such, your man may want to cherish every inch of hair he can muster. As such, this oil coming in at $13.18 may be the best option for him. Beard oil is fantastic because it promotes growth. And, that’s exactly what your man needs right now. These products also smell amazing, and it’s not only us women who like a good smell under our noses.


A hairdresser gift token, like the ones available from American Male, could also go down well. Think about how amazing you feel after having your hair cut. Your man’s no different. This could be the perfect way to rejuvenate how he feels about his appearance. The prices here depend on the salon and package you get. As you’ll see on the American Male website, it’s possible to buy gift packages complete with pampering sessions. And, doesn’t he deserve a little pampering for his birthday?

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A new outfit could also work wonders. Nothing beats a fresh wardrobe for making us women feel good. It’s past time we spread the love and let men enjoy the benefits, too. Of course, buying clothes is always risky. It might be worth taking him out for a ‘shopping day’ to get a taste for what catches his eye. Again, pricing here will vary. Go as mad as you want to! It is is his special day, after all.

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