Taking Care of Your Skin Into Your Thirties And Beyond

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Just as soon as our skin has recovered from the spotty, acne-prone teenage years, it begins to age- and by the end of your twenties and into your thirties is when you’ll start to notice some faint signs of aging. Damage from the sun, hormonal changes and a reduction in collagen all play their role, and while you might maintain youthful looking skin into your forties and beyond there’s no doubt that it’s not as baby smooth as it once was. Maybe you partied a lot during your twenties. A few years later you probably started your family, and late nights and a busy lifestyle might have meant falling asleep in your makeup more often than you’d like to admit. As we get older and settle into more of a routine in life. Our children grow up, we don’t have to work all the hour’s god sense, and we’re far less on the party scene than we once were! So into your thirties and beyond is the perfect time to start looking after yourself if you’ve not been too kind to your body previously. Here’s how you can care for your skin in your thirties and beyond.


Create a Skincare Regime- And Stick With It

Hopefully, you’ll have been taking care of your skin from your teens and right through your twenties, applying products morning and evening. However if not don’t fret, just start this step right away. It’s so important to find products that you enjoy using and that work for your skin type, and that you’re using them religiously. A day and night cream, eye cream, serum or oil and lip balm are products you should be using daily. Face masks that are targeted to your specific skin complaints are also useful and can be used when you need them to perk up your skin.


Go For a Skin Analysis at a Salon

A skin analysis is where an esthetician looks at your skin beneath a brightly lit lamp. From here they can assess your skin type, tell you if there’s any damage or issues and what you can do about them. For example, if your skin is dehydrated it could mean making changes in your diet. If you’ve got signs of wrinkles and aging, you could go for further treatments such as filling dermals or microdermabrasion. It might just be a case of switching up the products you’re currently using to get the very best from your routine. At the very least, knowing your skin type is useful as it allows you to know how to look after your skin and what to use on it.


Speak to a Dermatologist About Skin Issues

Do you suffer from skin issues such as adult acne, psoriasis, rosacea or eczema which affect your confidence? Maybe you’ve been putting off the doctors for years in embarrassment or in the hope it will clear up. Don’t suffer through it anymore, treatments are excellent these days, and even later in life, you can have the gorgeous skin you’ve always wanted.

Credit- Pexels

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