Taylor By Taylor Swift EDP Fragrance Review


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Taylor Swift has released her sophomore fragrance, Taylor By Taylor Swift. Taylor By Taylor Swift is a reflection of Taylor’s style- sweet, flirty and youthful.

Taylor By Taylor Swift is housed in a 1.7oz bottle with a fun and sophisticated look. The bottle features bold print, pearl accent, and a crystal stopper. The pearl accent easily slides off the crystal stopper, but there’s really no use for it because it’s too big to be a ring, too small to be a bracelet.

Taylor By Taylor Swift has top notes of sandalwood and Apricot for a fruity, woodsy scent. Taylor By Taylor Swift has middle notes of orchid, musk and tangerine. Taylor By Taylor Swift has a musky drydown with a hint of floral notes.  This fragrance lasted on my skin for a good 14 hours and even after bathing, the scent was still faintly there. Good job!

Overall I like this fragrance.  This is a great fragrance to use during the summer/fall transition. .

Taylor By Taylor Swift 1.7oz bottle retails for $49.50 and you can find it at Macy’s and other locations where fine fragrances are sold. Clearly Taylor Swift’s people are not on their job, because it’s not available for sale on her store website.




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