The Beauty of Brains

Once we are done with school, there is a misconception that we stop learning. But, actually, that isn’t true at all. We learn a lot every day. From the temperature that you should melt chocolate, to how many slaps it takes to cook a chicken (yes, someone really worked it out – using science).

Learning is a beautiful thing. It’s doesn’t matter if you are learning to do gel manicures or you’re looking into being a personal injury lawyer. Expanding your knowledge is impressive. But, there is more to learning than just being able to say that you know something.

Let’s take a peep at some of the reasons that brains are beautiful, or rather learning is.

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Confidence levels apparently soar when people are learning new skills. Because learning new things, and stretching yourself often takes you out of your comfort zone, your confidence in yourself starts to blossom.

Best You

Self-care and self-love is a big thing. It has been for years. And precisely what form that takes is very personal. But, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be. When it comes to learning, whatever you choose to do, you should be doing it for yourself. You deserve to give yourself the tools to reach your goals in life.


They say that boring people get bored. And, for the most part, that might be pretty true. Boredom is what we sit down on a Friday night to watch an episode of our favourite TV programme and then not move till Sunday. Or, strolling around the kitchen grazing on food. If you have something to do, that will give you a sense of purpose and achievement, you’re much less likely to fall into the bad habit trap.


Busy brains are bigger. Well, technically they aren’t, but they are more powerful. Learning will keep you functioning at a super high level. The more you learn, the more you can learn – which is rather brilliant. Improving your brain’s Neuroplasticity, which is your brain’s ability to create and change pathways during a lifetime. This is cool because it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can keep your mind ticking over wonderfully.


Some scientist believes that creativity is actually the ability to put learned skills into practice. In fact, it goes, so far as – taking skills learned in one setting and applying them to problems in another area. What does all that mean? Well, it means that after you have finished learning something, you can then use that knowledge to other areas of your life to make improvements. It could be that you have learned a new language for travel, but the application is in your career path and travel. Applying knowledge in multiple ways.


Speaking of career… Learning new skills will strap a rocket to your job. You might learn skills related to your current field, or you may choose to learn something in a bid to make a career jump. Online education can help massively here. The options available to keep studying even if you have a full-time job is plentiful.

Being a role model. If you have children, or younger siblings, the more positive role models they have to look up to the better. If you do have children, and you expect them to dig in a study well, then what better way to stoke that fire than show them you do the same.


As we get older, with a little more disposable income, less free time, and more responsibility it is easy to forget who you are or what you wanted in life. We don’t stay the same, we gather new experiences and people. Learning, or forging our space in the world. But, while at 14 you wanted to be a ballet dancer, now you perhaps want to be a graphic design specialist, who knows Greek and can bake well. Personal growth happens alongside the gathering of knowledge.

Know The World

The more you learn about specific topics, the more you learn about the world. History is fascinating as it is the foundations for what we know today. The future is exciting due to the enormous strides in technology and science. Expanding your vocabulary through certain subjects will help clarify other things in life. For example, that moment you learn some information about what a word means, or some context, and something you heard years ago finally makes sense.

Brains are just beautiful, and we should all be making the most of them, and everything they can do.

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