The Best Phone Accessory: Eyn Has Everything You Need


I’m a sucker for the Otterbox. Mainly because I’m a mom and I have the tendency to drop my phone. Over the years, I have become more responsible and one tech item that has been at the top of my wishlist is a cute smartphone case. I have a few cases but they are not very functional. I’m deathly afraid of having my purse snatched (I watched it happen to a women about a year ago), so it would be great to have a smartphone case that will hold my cash and maybe a card. I FaceTime my husband a lot and I love to watch movies on my phone. so a stand would be nice too.

Most phone cases can only do one thing or the other. It’s rare to run across a phone case that can do everything.


Eyn, or everything you need, does it all and more. I recently received Eyn for 6 Plus in Turquoise. Check out the awesome features:

Holds everything I need


This baby holds cash, credit cards, and my identification card. It even has the capacity to hold a few of my favorite beauty products, like fragrance wipes, makeup remover wipes,  and mini lip balms. I tried to find a lip balm in my stash to fit in this case to no avail, but believe me when I say I’m on the hunt. Put your essentials in and click the backside shut to keep your essentials safe!

It’s smart


There’s a mirror inside to check my makeup, and an easy to attach wristlet to securely affix my phone to my wrist.

It’s simple.


There’s a kickstand that stands horizontal or vertical to watch movies, make videos, or chat on FaceTime, Google Hangout or Skype!

Eyn cases are available for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus ($14.99-29.99) . They are also available for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($9.99). Eyn cases can also be personalized for an extra fee. Order your Eyn case at

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