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The world is a vast and undeniably stunning place. From nature’s incredible beauty to the man-made cities that take our breath away, there is so much to do, see, explore, and learn on our planet, and the only way to do it is to travel. Whether you’re living large or on a tight budget does not matter. Travel can be as budget-friendly or as lavish as you want, the only difference is how much you need to save in advance before you go.


San Francisco, California

California has eight national parks and two of the world’s most famous cities. Of those two, San Francisco has the style, flair, and innovative drive to make it one of the best travel destinations for 2018. Splice up your time between enjoying its amazing foodie scene to its nightlife. Spend the days strolling the picturesque streets and your days out enjoying the monumental redwoods that can be driven to in only sixteen minutes. There is a lot to see and explore, and plenty of day trips to choose from to really customize any trip to San Francisco.


Alexandria, Virginia

The next door neighbor to the capital of the United States of America, and is an independent city with flair all of its own. Not only can you enjoy its stunning Old Town, which is famed for its red brick architecture, you are also minutes away from some of the other more infamous monuments located in D.C., not to mention all of the world-class museums that are free to enter. If history, art, and culture are your thing, Alexandria is your most obvious destination. To keep it more budget-friendly, however, try renting out a vacation home with your friends on Vacation Renter by Wilbur Labs, it’s the best way to enjoy the city like a local.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a college town at its finest. Home to Harvard, Boston is historically critical to the United States and absolutely beautiful in terms of architecture. Go during the fall for stunning fall foliage that complements the red brick that permeates through the town brilliantly, or go in the winter for postcard-worthy snow. Boston is great for younger travelers and older travelers alike, as it is geared for both the professional population and the student population all at once.


Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is the United States’ very own Bahamas. Of course, it has received extensive damage due to hurricane winds in the last few years. That’s why visiting is not just a great way to spend time on the beach, it’s also a great way to renew the destination. Put more money into this party destination so that it can rebuild and become better than before. Perfect for young people and those who want to get to a Caribbean destination by car, make the Florida Keys your next beach destination for 2018.

There are so many incredible destinations in the States to choose from, and with how varied the landscapes are, you are absolutely spoiled for choice. Choose based on the time you have and your budget, because you are guaranteed to find something perfect for you right at home.


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