The Flawless Manicure Of Your Dreams Is Coming November 12


Nails Inc., the company that gave you NailKale, is back with yet another innovative product- Spray Can Nail Polish!




The problem with nail polish is a well known one- cleanup! You find a beautiful nail color that you just have to have, apply it and guess what? You have polish all over your cuticles. Or even better, you paint your left hand flawlessly and get to your right hand and it’s a mess. Nails Inc. heard your cries, and innovation is here to save the day!

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How it works:

  • Apply base coat
  • Spray the nail polish over fingertips
  • Wait for the nail polish to dry
  • Wash your hands with soap and water to remove excess polish from skin
  • Apply topcoat
  • Walk away with stuntastic nails!

It’s really that simple!

Nails Inc Spray Can Nail Polish will launch online November 12, 2015.

A photo posted by Nails inc (@nailsinc) on

A photo posted by Nails inc (@nailsinc) on

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