The Scalp Soother- Is It Enough To End The Legacy Of The Weave Pat?

I bet the Caucasian ladies that read my blog are intrigued and tickled by the things that I have been talking about in relation to African American hair. I taught you about edges, now, let’s talk about the infamous weave pat.

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Backstory-  When I was coming up, we glued in weave. If you were getting your hair sewn in you were ballin’….. something that I was not doing as a youth with a single mother working two jobs.

So you get your weave glued in, and after a few days, that mess ITCHES!!!!!! Because the weave was glued down, it was hard impossible to get a finger in between those tracks to scratch. So black ladies, being the innovation goddesses that they are, came up with a solution- BEAT THE HECK OUT OF YOUR HEAD (no not really, don’t do it too hard, just hard enough to get down under the 8 inches of tracks and glue and agitate the scalp).

No really! Take the palm of your hand, and beat it on a section of your scalp that itches. If you beat long enough, the itching is soothed. Problem is, you tend to look…well… silly- beating yourself in the head in public.

weave pat

And if you are not ballsy enough to weave pat, then you are using dangerous sharp objects to scratch your scalp, causing cuts, and tears, and scabs (yuck).

It’s 2012 now. We are in a new age when it comes to hair and glue is all but obsolete. In addition, you have so many hairstyles like braids, locs, microbraids, roller sets, sew in weaves, and they all need to be itched!


The Scalp Soother is a revolutionary tool that is ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of the head, soothe and massage the scalp without affecting your braided base, net, or extensions.  It can be used on all hair types, and does not disturb your hair style.

Listen, this thing is orgasmic. No lie. It’s so relaxing and simple to use. I currently have a roller set in my hair, and I can just take my scalp soother and rub, rub, rub, and ah, ah, ah, my scalp feels good! More importantly, my hair is not messed out or out of place. It’s a miracle!

How can you resist for $10?

Find out more information about The Scalp Soother and order you one! Let’s take a stand, no more weave patting!

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