Things to Stop Putting off in Time for the New Year

The new year is well on its way, and your ever-growing backlog of “things that need to be done eventually” is not getting any shorter. Week by week, you add one or two things to it, promising yourself you will start sometime soon. Sadly, sometime soon always seems very far away. You’re well aware of that, but in the moment, saying you will do it later, always seems perfectly reasonable. The truth is, if you are putting things off now, you will be putting things off later as well, nothing makes next week more special in that regard than this week. With that brief life lesson out of the way, let’s go through a few things which you could finally stop putting off. No need to do everything at once, getting overwhelmed is the #1 step of not actually starting to do something. Let’s take it slow, address each overdue issue one by one.


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Meet up with that old friend


We all had friends which we used to feel right at home with. When all you needed was each other’s company, no need for specific meaningful conversation, few exchanges of words here and there were enough to warrant a good time. No need to artificially force conversation, just sitting down doing or not doing anything together was enough. As time went on, and life took its toll on your usual habits, probably leaving you busy with other things. Going out of your way to see that one friend you always used to hang out with seems like so much effort between work and family life, that you can never justify having time for it. Well, friends like that don’t grow on trees. Go through with that meet-up with them and enjoy it for all you can, one day you will turn around and it might just be too late.


Learn a new language


English will probably get you to most places you want to go to in life, and if you are reading this article, you probably read it, meaning you probably speak it too. While English may be the go-to language for global discussion, learning another channel opens up possibilities of learning a different culture entirely. Things do get translated, but all the nuances and subtleties get lost in translation, ending up in a completely different experience. This might be hard to explain, but just imagine someone trying to watch Monty Python’s Holy Grail with subtitles in Spanish. It just isn’t quite the same. Besides, you probably always had that random language you wanted to learn despite it maybe not being the most useful thing to do. Be it Japanese or Latin, you don’t really need a reason. Knowledge tends to be its own reward, and being bilingual really opens up new options in life.


Take care of your health


Going for a semi-regular check up to the doctor or dentist is not the most fun activity you can think of on a day off. When it that Saturday finally happens, chances are you want to relax and not do anything which requires too much effort of any kind. Sadly, bad health is not a thing anyone wants to live with, and even if you feel fine, going for a checkup is a preemptive way of preventing possible illnesses. Having to set up appointments and then actually sticking with them can be a pain, but with many walk-in clinics or walk-in dentists, you can avoid that song and dance entirely.

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Tech update


If you’ve had a laptop or a phone for around three years or more, consider getting an upgrade. You’ve probably been putting that off saying that “it makes calls so it’s fine” or “it opens up facebook and google so it’s fine”. But the truth is that you don’t really know how much you are missing. With the pace at which technology is progressing nowadays, the amount of quality of life improvements in phones each year is immense, and you wouldn’t know you can’t live without them until you try them. Not that you should go and spend £1000+ for the new iPhone X, because unless you are really enthusiastic about phones or technology then it just seems like a silly waste of money. The truth is any phone released within the last year or so is probably going to provide you with quite the upgrade. Same with the laptop scenario, with all the new web standards being put in place one after another, a new laptop wouldn’t hurt. Chances are you could use something with a newer battery too, so that it doesn’t die by the time you get off the bus after the usual morning commute browsing.


While it may be the new year that’s usually seen as a time for new beginnings, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a head-start. In fact, starting now would probably allow you to ease into the routine of introducing some changes into your life, rather than getting overwhelmed by all of it the moment the new year starts. Instead of making a to-do list, start putting down things in your calendar. Lists often devolve into a means of procrastination, allowing you to pick the easiest tasks first rather than ones that need to be done. Creating a schedule for yourself on a calendar will make sure you do things when necessary, rather than putting them off as you have been so far.


With that out of the way, better get started!

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