Things To Consider When Booking A Stylized Wedding

Many of our childhood wishes are dropped gradually as we get older. When we’re young we look at the world is a very idealized way. Yet we have no real idea how the world operates and our role in it. These influences that we feel are a mixture of environment and nurturing. Our parents may instill within us similar values to theirs. On the other hand, the social culture around us may also dictate some of the alliances we feel with our values. Many times Hollywood movies play a big role in our perception of beauty and what a special day really is. That’s why picturesque and stylized weddings are growing in popularity like never before. This is because now there’s a sub-section of the events and wedding industries to work together and provide the option of a romantic and epic wedding. You are going to be doing a lot of the same stuff those who want a more traditional wedding do, but if you want to travel abroad, take your vows in a venue that is historical and the location of dreams, then you need to ramp up the planning a notch or two.

Bespoke wedding  consultancies

A traditional wedding has the option of having a wedding planner at the head of all proceedings, from the bookings to the execution on the day. So if you are trying to travel abroad to another country, and also find a great venue and location, then you may need to add a fixer first. The fixer is in the form of a consultancy that specializes in creating bespoke weddings and offering their services like a travel agency would. Usually, the consultancy will be specializing in just one country but you may run into some that have coverage over a continent. To get the ball rolling you need to choose your country and then look for consultancies that specifically offer weddings in your desired choice. From then on, they will help you plan your journey, create group bookings for all of your guests to fly down with you. Group discounts must be used by all the guests that have been registered for them as meeting the obligation of the travel agency. If this is not done i.e. a guest chooses to book their own flight with another company, then you could potentially break the contract and incur a fine. Putting the worlds “destination wedding consultancy” into a search engine will yield you results of different companies that specialize in different nations.

The venue’s event department

When you have chosen your venue, be prepared for a little clash of heads. More than likely the consultancy will assign you one of their wedding planners. They are in charge of pretty much every logistically. However, when you choose a venue, the wedding planner or yourself need to reach out to the events department of that venue. Then depending on what the events department of the venue can offer you, your planner may be made redundant. The events coordinators will inform you whether they offer catering services also so rather than a third party, they might have excellent food cooked in-house or taken care of by them in some way such as they would hire a third-party themselves. They may also offer transport services, such as cars, horses and other forms. Since it is their venue, they know the ins and outs of how to access all parts of their grounds and properties. Therefore they may advise you that even though you wish for a horse and carriage, their entrance and grounds may simply not allow it or not have room or provisions for the beasts. So before you make bookings of your own, check with your chosen venue if they can help supply a service in any way.

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The stylized approach

You have for some reason chosen to have a destination wedding. You may have a love affair with a certain culture, a country that fits your dream wedding, a venue, and location that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Whether it be the prince and princesses of the Hungarian aristocracy or the tribal power of the Caribbean, any stylized wedding approach will need to be thought through carefully. The Paper Themes of your invitation will give away the type of style you are going for. A Rustic Wedding Invitation that looks look wood grains and dark earthy hues are clear that you intend to have a wedding situated away from the suburbs and far into farmlands and fields. A Have And To Hold Wedding Invitation is floral yet laden with silver. It’s a give away that you intend to have your wedding in some form of high-life location surrounded by gorgeous flowers and gardens. The Four Ever Wedding Invitation looks like the traditional wedding style of large halls and an intimate church service.

According to your wedding style, what kind of clothes will you then be wearing? Perhaps a specially made dress is going to be more in keeping with the venue and country you have chosen. Not to mention, that sometimes a bespoke dress is needed if you are going for a periodic setting. The overall color scheme of the wedding, such as the chairs, curtains, pillows, flowers, centerpieces, dining cloth, the drapings etc, will also be carrying your theme all throughout the day and through various symbolic moments. Even the style of the cake matters as traditional bakers will be keen to show off their historical knowledge of flavors and textures. It would be odd to have a French wedding reminiscent of the 18th century and serve a modern Victorian sponge as your wedding cake.

A stylized wedding is automatically out of the norm. It’s not something that you can achieve just by following the modern standards of weddings. You need to find yourself a specific destination wedding consultancy. They are the gateway into a wedding that is abroad and in a certain periodic style. The venue you book might offer you their own services so check with them before you allow your wedding planner to go ahead with their decisions to contact third-parties. Everything from the cake to the invitations needs to be kept within your chosen theme for your stylized wedding to come alive.

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