The Three Areas Of Your Face You Need To Sparkle!

It’s the one part of you everyone sees every day, and like it or not, what everyone judges you by. It’s not nice to feel like you’re being judged purely on your looks, but sometimes if you’re not feeling confident it can be a big impact on your life, and what better way to make yourself feel better than by doing a makeover from the outside in? You need to feel good inwardly, but it can take a long time to get to that point. At least when going for your face, you can make an impact instantly! Here’s what to address.

The Wrinkles



Nobody likes wrinkles! The road map of your skin, it’s probably the most obvious sign of age, but it can be combated. As you get older, the skin dries out and loses its elasticity. So, to counteract this, you need to eat more foods or take supplements that contain collagen. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to be a useful tool, but if you want to do some homemade collagen, you can make your own by using the bones of animals to make a stock. Bone broth, as it’s called, is particularly trendy right now, as it’s not just good for your skin, but has a range of health benefits. So, get cooking! And in the meantime, make sure you don’t try to hide them by putting on more make-up, it only shows them up more.

The Teeth



If you’ve been looking for a way to pep up your smile, it’s all about habit. Tooth whitening paste or rubbing vitamin C on them have been known to bring out the shine. Also go easy on the sugary drinks or beverages that stain (like tea or wine). But if you have a more pressing image issue, such as a tooth missing, try dental implants as an option for you. It’s not nice having one tooth missing, and it is something that you’ll always be conscious of, and believe it or not, Russell Crowe was acting for years without a front tooth, and it cost him a lot of acting roles! Habit is a big thing, and so by flossing every day, and simply brushing your teeth well you can bypass a lot of image issues.

The Hair


Does it look limp? Do you feel you can’t do anything with it? Maybe you’ve added so many products to it over the years that it barely resembles the hair you used to have. One simple solution is to change your products, but a great way to give your hair some shine and volume is simple: cold water! The next time you go to wash your hair, turn the dial all the way to the blue! It’s great for your hair because it doesn’t remove any of the natural oils, adding more balance and layers. Yes, it’s probably not the best idea first thing in the morning, but it gives your hair a real shine. In fact, cold water has a huge amount of benefits for you, not just your hair.



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