Three Futuristic Skin Care Devices You Need To Meet In 2017

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Looking to improve your skin this year? Well, don’t worry. You know I have your back, and these three skin analyzation devices do too! Check out what’s already here, and what’s coming this year to help you get your skin on fleek.

1. Lumini

Lumini, the 1- click beauty care mate, performs facial detection in a snap, provides 5 category skin analysis, 1 on 1 telecosmetic services and skincare product recommendations.

Lumini also features cosmetic recommendations and beauty tips.

2. S- skin

S-Skin is a personalized IoT solution that gives expert level skin care. It comes with a device, downloadable app, and bioneedle patch. It analyzes your skin, checking for proper levels of melanin, moisture, and spots, which is transmitted to the app. The app then recommends microneedle patches to treat displayed skin issues.

This device can treat for wrinkles, firming and lifting, trouble care, and skin brightening.

3. Hi Mirror


The Hi Mirror is your personal skin care consultant that analyzes your skin and gives a rating on clarity, texture, firmness, brightness, and healthiness. Hi Mirror also allows you to keep an inventory of the skin products that you use, build your routine and review the products in your beauty box.

Will you be purchasing any of these futuristic skin care devices this year?

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