#ThrowbackThursday: OPI Katy Perry (2011)

OPI Katy Perry

I started collecting nail polish lackadaisically fall 2007 but not seriously until fall 2008.  Back in the day, nail polish collectors were the red-headed stepchildren of makeup enthusiasts.  It was frowned upon and sometimes openly scorned on makeup messageboards.  But then the tide turned…

Fast-forward to January 2011.  OPI had a collaboration with pop singer Katy Perry and included a novelty polish not seen in years: Crackle.  When it released, it was sold out within 6 hours online on a popular e-tailer.  The attitude on makeup messageboards started to change from making fun of nail polish enthusiasts to asking for nail polish tips from the very same people they used to mock.  Nail polish had finally arrived.

OPI Katy Perry - Last Friday Night over Ogre-The-Top Blue

Last Friday Night (two coats and one coat over Ogre-The-Top Blue)


OPI Katy Perry - Not Like The Movies

Not Like The Movies (three coats)


OPI Katy Perry - Teenage Dream over Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

Teenage Dream (two coats and one coat over Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em)


OPI Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away (three coats)


OPI Katy Perry - Black Shatter over The One That Got Away

Black Shatter over The One That Got Away

My theory on the rise of nail polish has to do with the global economy:  it is a cheap(er) indulgence.  While most women don’t have the disposable income to spend on other high-end extravagances such as shoes and handbags, makeup is usually the next best thing.  Before nail polish, the product that was the main alternative was lipstick.  I find nail polish to be more versatile and have a longer-lasting economic life than lipstick.  You can’t afford a Chanel purse at the moment, but you can splurge on a Chanel nail polish right now.

I’m a bit of a nail polish history nerd, so I plan on taking more trips down polish memory lane.  I hope you’ll stick around for more!

More about Janice

Janice Agagas-Welch is a Filipino Navy brat raised in Northwest Florida living the good life in the Lowcountry. She’s a married dog mom and licensed nail technician who has owned over 2000 polishes over the last 5 years. She also loves food, cider, mid-1990s R&B, college football and anything Peanuts/Snoopy-related.

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