Beauty Tips And Tricks To Help You Save Time

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by NIVEA, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

According to, we spend 55 minutes per day working on our appearance. Depending on your lifestyle, you probably do not have that much time to spare and let’s face it- we all have a day where we are strapped for time. Here are some tips to make your beauty routine more time efficient.

1. Double duty face products are your best friend– Skip the foaming face wash and use a cream wash that not only cleanses your skin, but adds moisture. Invest in a face cleansing brush to exfoliate while you cleanse. Find a primer that contains a moisturizer and SPF to give the skin added moisture and protect your skin from the sun. Using products that do two or three things at once not only save you money and space on your shelf, but they will also cut your skin care routine down by 5-15 minutes.

2. Use a BB Cream to do 10 things at once– A BB Cream provides moisture, minimizes skin imperfections, provides SPF protection, gives the skin light to medium coverage and much more. Not only will your skin feel lighter, but you will reduce your foundation routine by 10 minutes.

3. Nail polish strips save lives– You need a manicure, but you don’t have time for a base coat, top coat, and 2-3 coats of polish. Nail polish strips come in a wide assortment of colors and designs. Added bonus: they take 5 minutes to apply and you can go on about your day, cutting your manicure routine by 30 minutes!

4. Primer, primer, primer– A primer is a substance that allows makeup to last longer. There’s foundation primer, lip primer and eye primer. Apply primer and watch the need for reapplication diminish, and eliminate your application time completely.

NIVEA In Show Body Lotion

5. Lotion in the showerNIVEA conducted a study and found that people do on average between two to five things in the shower- wash clothes, clean their pets, sing, brush their teeth and check their phone. Add one more task to your shower routine by trying NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion. After showering and cleansing, apply NIVEA In-Shower Body Wash and rinse. Get out of the shower, dry off and your are done. No need to apply any other moisturizers!

NIVEA created a Time For You playlist on YouTube that is filled with other time-saving tips and tricks to show you how to be your best and save time. Check it out below:

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Tips And Tricks To Help You Save Time

  1. Ourfamilyworld

    These are awesome tips. I prefer using the cream wash instead of foaming facial wash.


  2. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    I LOVE nail strips. They do save so much time, and they’re not nearly as hard to get off as polish.


  3. Melissa Pezza

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips! I’ve been wearing makeup for years,and believe it or not, I’ve never heard of primer before.


  4. Diana Villa

    That Nuxe mask sounds great! I have to check it out, thanks for the great tips and tricks 😉


  5. Jaime Nicole

    Any tips and tricks to help save time are always welcomed around my house! Thank you for sharing the information and tips – very helpful!


  6. chubskulit

    I don’t know about the other products you meantiond but I am a fan of NIvea. Thanks for the tips.


  7. Jeanine @

    This is really great to read. I’m not too familiar with these products because I don’t wear make up often but this is great to know!


  8. Pam

    I suffer from dry skin so I keep a bottle of Nivea on hand at all times. I also like the idea of a BB cream. I think I need to try that.


  9. Sandy Segur

    My skin is weird. In some places of have dry skin light on my forehead, arms and parts of legs. Other parts are oily like my chin.


  10. Ricci

    I just got that mask in the top pic and I can’t wait to try it!! I am always running late in the mornings so I think I need to try that Nivea in shower lotion for sure!!


  11. Krystal

    I’ve actually been using a CC cream! I need to upgrade my summer beauty regime though.


  12. Julie

    55 minutes a day, really? I don’t think I spend that much time every single day. But I do know I need a new skincare routine!


  13. Aisha Kristine Chong

    BB creams are always a life saver for me, haha! it makes things really quick!


  14. Jeska

    Love these tips! I’m not huge on beauty products so your advice is super helpful for people like me. I’ll have to get BB cream the next time I need new foundation!


  15. yonawilliams

    I’ve been wanting to try nail strips for the longest time. They look like they save a lot of time, and let you be really creative!


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