A Tip For Rainy Days: Get The Home Spa Feeling

There is nothing worse than a rainy day forcing you to stay at home when you had so much planned. Nobody likes the rain unless you are a snail of course. But you could make the most of your day at home to relax your body and your soul with some clever home spa tips. After all, could there be a better excuse to take care of yourself than being forced inside by the weather? So make it your day: Forget the everyday stress, forget the lack of sleep, forget the speedy meals on the corner of a table between two appointments, forget every burden in your life for a day. It’s time to take care of your well-being.  

Don’t let rain ruin the day


Relax Your Muscles

There are a little less than 700 skeletal muscles in the human body. Most of them support great pressure every day, so it’s no wonder that you sometimes feel a little tensed at the end of a long day. Without thinking about gravity, there’s also the matter of how your body reacts to stress, bad posture and commuting. So after all, there is a very good explanation for that stubborn pain in your back. While it’s not easy to get a masseur at home, you can certainly have a look for the closest alternative with the best massage chair reviews from the web. You are guaranteed to feel your body relax as you use it! However, if a massage chair is not your thing, for a reason or another, a warm bath with essential oils will do the trick. When you are using essential oils, be careful to pick relaxing oils, such as lavender for example. Also, never apply pure essential oil onto your skin, even for a massage. You should always use essential oil in its diluted version as it might irritate your skin otherwise.


Relaxing Beauty Treatments

Just because it’s a home spa day, there’s no reason why you should be using expensive products. After all, there are plenty of homemade recipes for facial masks that are just as effective as the real thing that you can buy in shops. For example, if you are struggling with dry skin, try to mix avocado with honey to create a mask full of natural fat to enrich your skin. When you’re done with your facial treatment, take the chance to experiment with DIY beauty products. While this may not be the best makeup experience of your life, this will open your eyes about the chemicals that you are letting onto your skin every day.  

Avocado is full of healthy fat

Relax Your Mind

No spa day is complete without a spa atmosphere. Choose your favorite relaxing music and light up some scented candles. If you love craft projects, you can even make your own home spa candles with your favorite scents. There is no rule, but the natural smells that tend to help your mind to relax are lavender, jasmine, rose, warm cinnamon, and rosemary. Yet, don’t refrain from using whatever smell you like best! After all, it’s about creating the right ambiance for you: Only you know what works best!


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