Tips For Choosing Plus-Size Hosiery

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Choosing plus-size hosiery can be a challenge. If you’re not savvy in your selection when it comes to these fashion accessories, you can ruin the look of entire outfits and you can also sacrifice your comfort. To ensure you don’t make mistakes when you’re buying these clothing staples, take a look at the following top tips.

Consider control pantyhose

To provide your upper legs and tummy area with added support, and to give your waistline a more slender, toned look, it’s well worth considering investing in some control pantyhose. Stockings and pantyhose specialists such as Stockings HQ have recognized the demand for body sculpting hosiery and offer a range of different options. It’s even possible to purchase versions with adjustable waist cinchers that can help you to achieve an hourglass appearance.

When you’re choosing between these products, make sure you opt for designs that will give you a line-free look under your clothing. This will mean that you can team your pantyhose up with anything from glamorous dresses to a simple top and skirt combinations in total confidence.

Choose the perfect size

Be sure to go for the right size too. If you opt for hosiery that’s even a little too small, you could be left with unsightly lumps and bumps around your waist area. On the other hand, if you overestimate your size and buy ones that are too big, you might find yourself continually pulling them up to prevent unsightly wrinkles from appearing in the material.

With this in mind, it’s important that you don’t go for hosiery based on what size you’d like to be, or what you have been in the past. Instead, take your current measurements carefully and try to find hosiery that fits you perfectly.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color

It’s true that darker colored clothing tends to have a slimming effect, so if you’re trying to streamline your look, it’s worth steering clear of hosiery that’s very bright or pale. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with color. Aside from the classic option of black, there are a host of hues that can look superb in plus size hosiery. For example, perhaps you could pep up your outfits with some opaque pantyhose in airforce blue or emerald green. By choosing a selection of different colors, you can breathe new life into your outfits and create an array of stunning effects.

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