Top 5 Makeup Tutorial Channels on YouTube

To get the latest and greatest makeup tips and easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from eye makeup, to contouring that can change the features on your face, head over to YouTube. There, you’ll find a variety of vloggers who are makeup artists, aspiring makeup artists, or simply people who are really good at applying makeup. But with so many vloggers to choose from, whose advice should you be following most closely, and whose channel should you subscribe to?

Continue reading for a list of five of the best makeup tutorial channels you’ll find on YouTube.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is someone who really knows all things related to makeup. You really get the sense that she knows what she’s talking about in her videos, and you can rest assured that she’s a professional, too, because her celebrity clients include Billie Piper and Emma Watson. With her super sweet personality, she gives you all of the helpful tips you need to make yourself feel beautiful with makeup that’s easy to find and easy to apply.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan’s YouTube beauty channel is the one with the most subscribers, so you definitely should take a look at what she has to offer. She has been around a long time and started vlogging about makeup before most of the other popular makeup artists on the site today. Her looks are inspired by popular music and films, and her tutorials are really detailed and easy to follow so you can watch and then apply the makeup in the same fashion.

Lauren Luke

Another YouTube makeup artist who’s hugely popular is Lauren Luke. This quirky woman is one of the most entertaining on the site, and she’s able to create celebrity-inspired looks really easily. She is also known for being able to reach into a bag of makeup and randomly choose items that she will then use to create a beautiful look right on the spot. Now that’s talent that would make a fashion photographer London jealous!

Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is a really hip makeup artist who should be your go-to person for all things trendy. She is really popular amongst younger women, even though all ages will definitely like watching her videos and learning some new makeup tricks for day and evening looks. She’s known for using bright, bold hues, bold eyeliner colours, and other tools that create sexy, dramatic looks that are definite showstoppers.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan looks a lot like Kim Kardashian, and she can also show you how to contour your face like Kim does. She is an expert with every aspect of the makeup application process, but she’s definitely your go-to artist for all things contouring.

With the help of some of YouTube’s best and most popular makeup artists, you can completely transform your look or simply enhance the way you apply your makeup so it looks more natural. You’ll feel confident enough to be photographed, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a glamorous night on the town.

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