Top things that you should look for in a baby blanket


For the first several months of her life, your baby will be sleeping most of the time. For this reason, you should make sure that she has the best blanket to keep her warm and comfortable. However, chances are that you received quite a few store bought and homemade blankets at your baby shower.

Even if you have many blankets, this does not automatically mean that they are the best for your baby. When choosing a blanket for your newborn, you should be on the lookout for the following:

Hypoallergenic materials

Because you do not yet know what your baby is or is not allergic to, you should buy a blanket that is made from hypoallergenic material. Just search the web to see a list of such materials before you go shopping.

Choose the right blanket for the season

Whatever you do, make sure you select the right blanket for the right season. During the winter, you should opt for heavy blankets, such as wool baby blankets, to make sure that your child is feeling toasty. Conversely, you should choose a lightweight blanket if you want to keep your girl comfortable during the warm months of summer.

Generally, babies need an extra layer of clothing/covers than we do as adults. Therefore, you should test the warmth or coolness of the blanket for yourself. Even if the covers provide the right temperatures for you, consider adding another layer for your little one.

Opt for a material that is breathable

An excellent example of a material that is breathable is cotton. When it comes to selecting a synthetic material, you should know that some are more breathable than others are. Therefore, you need to do your research before buying a blanket.

To tell whether a blanket is breathable, you should hold it next to a fan. If any air passes through the material, then it is breathable.

Avoid fringes, ribbons, or loose strings

Even if you forget everything else, make sure that you do not forget this point: stay away from blankets that have ribbons, fringes, and loose strings. Because a newborn is fragile, she can get tangled in anything, which could present a choking hazard or make her uncomfortable. If the blanket has ribbons, make sure that they are firmly attached and there is no risk of them coming loose.

Choose a pretty blanket

Although this might sound unimportant, your baby will be spending a lot of time with that blanket. Moreover, she might form an attachment to it until she starts going to school. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is beautiful to avoid embarrassment, especially once she starts taking it everywhere.

Its aesthetic appeal also affects you because you have to make your baby’s bed and launder the blanket.

Size of the blanket

When it comes to the size of the blanket, you don’t want one that’s too restrictive; particularly for a high-quality blanket woven with fine 100% Tasmanian Merino Wool. Getting an oversized blanket extends its operational lifetime, so to speak, such that your growing baby – or even an adult in the house – can continue to benefit from its award-winning softness for years to come. There should be plenty of room for your baby to wriggle around in, and which also allows you to really bundle her up well on colder winter nights.

A baby blanket is an investment, and will hold both utility and nostalgic value long into the future as the child grows. The differences between quality wool and the cheaper variety are longevity, warmth and comfort; you can literally feel the difference in softness between brands. And ultimately, high-quality baby blanket tends to be a one-time purchase.

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