Totally Unexpected Review: My HP Envy M6


This is a great combination of a review and a rant. I’ve been looking for a computer since January. I have a Sony Vaio, but it’s old and it was starting to run hot and slow. I did everything that I could do to make it functional, but it’s not much that you can do on it anymore. So after searching and creating a list of wants and needs in a computer, I stumbled upon the HP Envy. Cute computer, small, affordable, good RAM, lots of hard drive space, Windows 8. I didn’t want to wait to pay for shipping, so I went to Best Buy and purchased.

My husband knew I needed a computer, so he offered to get this one as a Valentine’s Day gift. I stroll in Best Buy to purchase it, I get home, I’m so excited and happy. Everything was going fine and then….

….the screen started dimming…. I was thinking to myself ‘well this is weird’. I immediately go and check BIOS for an update, there was one, but it did not fix the screen. Days go by and my screen is in and out, and I end up tapping the back of the screen and it was fully lit again! PHEW. I thought I fixed it. But nope.

I call HP, outraged because I spent $600+ on a computer that’s crapping out on me after 2 months with no damage.  I treat my computers with love. I really don’t deserve this treatment from a computer.  HP gets me on the phone with some dude that says ‘you have to send us the computer’. Now I’m really mad. My life, my hobby, my little piece of the internet is on this computer (I transferred everything off the Sony) . So I wait a week, hoping that the problem will just go away (yeah I’m one of those people), but it does not. I shed a few thug tears and sent it away on April 24. I get an email April 27 saying that HP got my laptop, and they would update me as soon as they get it fixed. I hear nothing for a couple of days, and April 29 I get an email from HP saying repair is complete and they are sending it back to me. I was happy because they repaired it so fast! They give me a tracking number and I stalk FedEx’s website until it got here.

The problem is even worse than before. I cant even move the computer without the screen flickering and blacking out. I am outraged. I vowed to get on the phone and get as ignorant as possible with HP (but didn’t) . So I call, I get transferred to tech support. He asks me what kind of computer I have, I say ‘HP Envy’. ‘Yeah but what kind?’ ‘HP Envy m6’…. “Ok ma’am, that’s a different department (apparently there’s a HP Envy m6 department) I will transfer you” 30 minutes and 4 transfers later. I get to the right place. Tech support dude asks me to send the computer back again. I ask can he send a tech out, but the answer is no. They don’t have any parts for my computer in stock (OH REALLY!?). So he says I have two choices:

1. Send it back so they can ‘fix it’ (keep in mind they have no parts for my computer)

2. Contact a case manager, who is going to do nothing for me but make me send it back to HP (his words, not mine)

So basically, jump off a cliff, or…jump off a cliff?

I am really upset with the way HP handled this. Maybe I am being a big baby, I don’t know and I don’t really care. I paid for a computer thinking it was going to work longer than two months.  Truth be told, I cant blog properly with out it. Blogging is my escape, it’s what I like to do, and I cant do it.  Between this and the whole headache with moving my blog from GoDaddy to Hostgator? I’m not too far from just deleting everything and going away. I understand that there will be obstacles in everything that you do, but when it comes to Glitter.Gloss.Garbage. I have been dealing with obstacles since 4/11/2010, and I am tired of fighting.

I will post as much as I can, but understand if there is ever a long period of silence. That’s just it. Thank you to the readers that I do have, and I love yall. <3

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One thought on “Totally Unexpected Review: My HP Envy M6

  1. Katniss Everdeen

    NOOOOOOOOOO Aprill you can’t… Can I send you my old laptop or something?!?! :-/ If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.


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