Tree Hut Scent Of The Month: Moroccan Rose Hand Cream

Moroccan Rose Renewing Hand Cream  (1)

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February is the month of love and what’s the one flower we associate with love? Roses. It’s no surprise Tree Hut picked Moroccan Rose as their scent for the month of February.

Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream is rich and non greasy and leaves behind the beautiful and romantic scent of Moroccan Rose. It contains argan oil, rose hip oil, avocado oil and safflower oil to make the hands soft and smooth all day long.

Beware of that dispensing spout, it likes to give you more hand cream than you bargained for!

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Renewing Hand cream retails for $3.88 snag this hand cream at Walmart or Kroger.


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