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Now, the plus sized, romantic vintage look keeps going from strength to strength, and you can definitely still rock it SS 2017. But it’s important that if you do decide to go for this style, that you get it right. Of course, you need the basic look to be spot on for your shape. But you also need to carefully choose you to accessories, so your outfit not only looks authentic but pops and make you feel like the gorgeous princess that you are! So read on for more information on how to get this look bang on trend and have a true romance with your outfit!

Selecting an outfit for your shape

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So the number one thing to remember when you are looking to rock the plus size look is getting the shape right. In fact, vintage is such a great look for us plus size girls, because of the amazing shapes and structure in this style of clothes.

In particular, the swing skirt or dress is a massive favorite because it goes in at the high waist and then flows out. Covering over and minimizing anything below that line. Which work really well for apple shaped ladies.

Also, the pencil skirt shape is also a winner for the more voluptuous as it emphasizes the waist and hips and gives you that va-va-voom look! Perfect for hourglasses and pear shaped gals!


Now, as most fashionistas know, plus size or not, accessorizing your outfit properly can make or break it. That is why you need to think carefully about the jewelry that you choose.


For example, if you are rocking every 50’s diner look then you can get away with more chunky jewelry in the tattoo cartoon style.

But if you are going for a softer more feminine vintage look, then you may want something a little more delicate and elegant, similar to the rings you can get from Tacori. Of course, you can buy Tacori rings online too, which make it super easy to compare and choose the right one to match the look you are going for.


So many gorgeous plus size vintage outfits are ruined by a poor choice in handbags! It’s terrible! Don’t fall into this trap, though, by sticking to two main rules. Rule one is the larger the bag, the smaller you seem. Which is a great tip for getting proportions right when styling plus sizes outfits.

Rule two is all about color. You should always pick a purse that echoes one or more of the colors in your outfit. This will give you that very put-together feel, and ensure that your look is a success.


Now, no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes, and in some way, you can say that the shoe is the most important part of any outfit, because not only do they have to look stunning, but they also have to be practical enough to walk around in.

But this is often where a lot of girls fall down, quite literally! It’s no good have the best vintage styled shoes that make your legs look, killer, if you are in danger of keeling over in them every five minutes, or being in crippling pain.  

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If you really must have those killer heels, at least pack some matching flats in your purse so you can change into them later, when you poor feet start to sting!


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