Two Factors That Can Derail Your Self-Confidence (And How You Can Deal With Them)


None of us are immune to feelings of low self-confidence. Despite our best attempts to be ourselves, there are internal and external factors that cause us to doubt ourselves, bring us down, and subsequently, derail our confidence levels.

In this article, we will list the two major factors that can sabotage our self-confidence. If any of them are true to you, then we hope our tips help.

Confidence Issue: Our physical appearance

This is high on most people’s lists. If there is something about your physical appearance that you don’t like, then you may be prone to low self-confidence when you’re with people. You don’t want them to notice your ‘imperfections,’ as you may be afraid they will judge you for the way you look. But here’s the thing. Nobody is perfect. People ‘might’ judge you, but it’s pretty shallow of them if they do. Or they might not judge you at all, as your insecurities may come from within. Still, you can actively take steps to manage some of those things you aren’t happy with.

You can work on your fitness if you want to deal with body weight. You can use skin care products if you are prone to acne or blotchy skin. If your teeth are causing you a problem, you can visit your dentist. If you have issues with your eyesight, you can opt for contact lenses if wearing glasses makes you feel unconfident. If you have issues with your hearing, you can wear an itc hearing aid (invisible hearing aid) if the one you currently wear make you feel self-conscious. Whatever the issue is, if it can be changed, do something that will help you regain your confidence levels.

Confidence issue: Other people

As we mentioned above, nobody is perfect. Yet other people still have the power to zap our self-confidence. They may do it intentionally, with an unkind word that hits us on a personal level, or they may hurt our self-esteem unintentionally, as we can be guilty of comparing ourselves to others. In either situation, we often come to the conclusion that we fall short in some way. Unfortunately, we have to deal with people every day, so we can’t get away from them. However, if there is anybody in your life who puts you down, it may be time you confronted them. Using the advice here, deal with the issue by standing up to them. Tell them how it makes you feel, and you may make them realise the harm they are doing. And if they continue to make you feel bad, avoid them if possible, as they probably aren’t worth hanging out with anyway.

Try not to compare yourself to others. It’s easy to do when we perceive someone as being better or more beautiful than us, but we put ourselves down in the process. You probably aren’t perfect, but that’s okay! Practice gratitude, and be thankful for all the many things about your life and appearance that are positive. And know that the people you compare yourself to will have their own imperfections and hang ups, because (and we say it again), nobody is perfect! As we considered earlier, if there is anything you can change about yourself, then do so. But if something can’t be changed, accept yourself for who you are, and use the following tips to learn to love yourself. You are who you are, and that is a good thing!


We may not have touched upon the issues that damage your self-confidence, but the same rules apply. Firstly, take steps to make changes in your life, if that is going to help you. And secondly, be grateful for the person you are, no matter how imperfect you may be. Sometimes, that self-confidence has to come from within, so today, be positive about yourself, no matter what the world throws at you.

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