Nail Art Of The Week: The New Black Weekly Journal Typography Nails

The new black typography nails

During my last Sephora haul, I bought a product that would give me a new way to wear my nails. The New Black Weekly Journal is a set that has a nude shade of nail polish, little strips of newspaper, transfer solution, and a clear coat to create a newspaper mani (is that what y’all call it?)

Anyway, the steps were very simple:

new black typography

1. Paint the nails with the nude color (it does not have a name, but it’s a cute nude shade.) If you know what you are doing, you can do one coat, but to be safe, do two.

2. Wait for the nails to dry. If you don’t wait, you will end up with a messy mani, so just wait.  Once your nails are dry, go ahead and cut your newspaper strips to fit your nail. Be aware that if you cut them too big, when the print transfers on your nail, it’s going on your skin too. No biggie, you can clean that up with alcohol or nail polish remover.

3. Wet the nail with the transfer solution (it’s nothing but alcohol), but to make it easy, make a little sandwich- the bottom layer is your nail, then the newspaper and on top a cotton ball dampened with alcohol. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and when you pull it off, you should have newspaper print on your nails.

typography nails

4. Let the nails dry for a few minutes. If you don’t wait, you are going to streak the newspaper lettering.

5. Once the nails are dry, use a topcoat. The topcoat in the kit sucks really bad. Use Seche instead. Even after letting my nails for 5 minutes after transferring the newspaper and applying the topcoat, it still streaked. BOO. (it’s still cute).


The kit is on Sephora for $16.00. There are two kits available, Late Times Edition, and Weekly Journal (what I reviewed).

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