That ‘Time Of The Month’ Escape With U By Kotex

This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review. You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at and Do the Demo.

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So it’s that time of the month again! Welcome. I know it sucks, the cramps, the mood swings, it all sucks. Your Fairy Glammother teamed up with the people from U by kotex to curate things to give you the greatest escape during that special time of the month.



Simply put, when you get home after a hard day of work you should relax. Burn a candle, take a pain reliever and a hot bath.  Tensing up won’t do anything but cause more pain. Take a load off.

Eat Right

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With PMS comes killer cravings. You want sugar, you want salt and chances are, you will try to indulge that craving. Skip the chips and cookies and replace them with foods that contain complex carbohydrates like broccoli and spinach; fiber like corn and black beans; and sweets like apples and dark chocolate to curb those cravings. And drink lots of water! (source)

Give yourself from ‘me’ time


What’s your favorite color? Go dig in your stash and pick your favorite nail color and give yourself a mani and a pedi. Run a hot bath and use an aromatherapy bodywash or bubble bath product to relax your mood. Pop a pain reliever and slap on your favorite face masque and lay down and relax. Invest in a superluxe hand cream and massage your hands. Dedicate a little extra time to you.

Use the best period products on the market


It does not matter, whether you are a tampon girl or pad girl, U By Kotex products are hip, trendy, stylish and most importantly they are high quality and take care of your needs. The U by kotex Sleek Tampon is my favorite product from their line. It features a smooth tip for easy insertion, PerfectTouch grip for ‘just right’ placement, and a slim size for comfort, with all the absorbency you need to avoid embarrassing leaks.

There’s also the U By Kotex Cleanwear Pads (if you are a pad gal). The  CleanWear cover keeps you fresh and dry, no bunching TrueFit wings to help your pad in place, and a 4-layer absorbency system to prevent leaks, giving you the best protection.

Finally, swing by the U by kotex website and request a free sample.

Hopefully these little tips will help make that time of the month just a little brighter! Tell me, what do you do during that ‘time of the month’ to make the time fly by? You never know, your tips might help someone!

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21 thoughts on “That ‘Time Of The Month’ Escape With U By Kotex

  1. Destany

    Me time is always the best thing during that time of the month! haha


  2. Nidia Doherty

    Don’t forget the heating pad and ice cream! lol.


  3. Emily Hudspeth

    treating yourself to a nice bath or mani/pedi is a great idea!


  4. TinaBowling

    Great tips! I have a heating pad from Earth Therapeutics that I use, I tend to get migraines during my time of the month these days.


  5. Anastasia

    Nice tips! Despite knowing that it’s bad for me, I still indulge in sweet treats for a few days.


  6. Aleya Bamdad

    It’s all about the me time.


  7. Noelle

    Great tips! 🙂


  8. BeautyJudy

    I’m a big fan of these tampons. And yes I will eat my broccoli but I might sneak in a Ghiradelli square, too 🙂


  9. Sheila Arkee

    Yes, me time! Severely underrated!


  10. Phyrra

    I try to eat steamed broccoli every day


  11. MyNewestAddiction

    I am all about me time! And now I want some broccoli! 😛


  12. Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Great tips! I’m suffering right now – so I may hop offline now for me time!


  13. FabZilla_Kath

    I’m a Kotex pad user. And yes, it’s my first day today 🙂


  14. Justina

    Great tips and I love the Tocca!


  15. Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    I want some broccoli and cheeeeeese and chocolate. Yeah it’s my time of the month tooooo haha


  16. kSquaredGlamour

    great tips for that horrible time off moth for us ladies lol


  17. Betzy Carmona

    I love kotex! I love tips on how to feel better during the time of the month


  18. Crystal Maxham

    how is it fair for ladies to have to be swollen & in pain & uncomfortable & bleeding 25% of the time/life? And what is the men equivilant? men get morning wood?


  19. Robin Lynn Cabrini

    Hate periods…. I’m so sad that my girls are getting older and my oldest is getting so close. I would take it for her if I could.


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