Uh Oh: 80% of Americans Wash Their Face Incorrectly

During a survey conducted by CeraVe that included 1,000 adult men and women in the United States, it was found that 80% of Americans make at least one or more common mistakes when cleansing their face. Yikes right? Well, it gets worse:

  • 60% report they feel uninformed about proper skin cleansing methods
  • 52% (66% of the men and 40% of the women) use bath soap or hand soap to cleanse their face.
  • 54% admit skipping washing their face before bed.
  • 43% of those with dry skin use hand or body soap to wash their face.
  • 50% of those with oily skin use hand or body soap to wash their face

….and we didn’t even talk about the people *coughs my husband* that use plain water

But the survey is not done, it also revealed how little people know about ingredients:

  • 65% have no idea what ingredients to look for when purchasing a facial cleanser.
  • 63% don’t understand the purpose of the ingredients.
  • 97% claim to know their skin type, but 40% of those with dry skin identified benzoyl peroxide as an essential ingredient for their facial cleanser
  • Less than 10% had heard of ceramides
  • Of those who correctly identified the fact that ceramides restore moisture and strengthen the skin barrier, nearly half (48 percent) reported they were unsure if ceramides could be effective for those with dry skin

So what’s it going to take for consumers to cleanse their skin properly? In my opinion, better education. There is not enough information on the web dedicated to skin care. Influencers, bloggers, and vloggers are on the front line of product exposure, almost more influential than the brand themselves sometimes, and more time is spent promoting products from an aspirational (styled shots and flat lays) than educating consumers (product reviews and tutorials).

Luckily for you guys reading this, I thoroughly covered cleansers for all skin types along with recommendations, and a video displaying the correct way to wash your face. Haven’t read that yet? Click here.

Tell me- What do you think it will take for people to get serious about skin care? Or, at least wash their face properly?



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