Ulta Exclusive! Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo


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Face it, eye creams on the beauty market are plentiful, but all eye creams are not created equal. Some claim to de puff, others remove dark circles, others smooth fine lines and some eye creams claim to do it all. There’s one thing all eye cream brands agree on- products for the skin under the eyes work better when deeply absorbed.

Introducing Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo, where the powers of sonic, ionic and thermal technology join forces with an eye cream to give you an experience you’ve never had before. This handy tech gadget promises to infuse your eye care products more deeply and evenly at a cellular level.


Included in the packaging is:

  • Eye Eraser infuser
  • 1 AAA battery
  • Intensive cream eye treatment
Eye Eraser Infuser


This infuser works in three ways- sonic, ionic and thermal.

Sonic technology

Aestheticians recommend that products used on the skin under the eyes be applied with a gentle tapping rather than rubbing. The skin is so delicate, rubbing will actually cause the area to get darker. Tap the skin with the infuser to received hundreds of massaging pulses per second for even application

Ionic technology

Negative ions are attracted to positively charged particles. The infuser uses a microcurrent to create a constant flow of negatively charged ions into the skin carrying with them positively charged particles (your eye cream or serum)

Thermal technology

The Eye Eraser heats up to a comfortable 104 degrees Fahrenheit opening the pores and increasing blood circulation for enhanced absorption.

Eye Cream


Michael Todd Intensive Eye Cream is 82% organic and contains Haloxyl, Eyeliss and Matrixyl 3000. These three ingredients combat dark circles, reduce puffiness, bags and improve the appearance of fine lines.

My thoughts:


First, I think it’s always fair to be truthful about how long I have been using a product. In this case, I have been testing the Eye Eraser Duo for three weeks, and that is more than enough time to share a thought or two. My dark circles are my primary issue, and they seem to be the worse during allergy season because I cannot resist rubbing my eyes.

While Intensive Eye Cream suits just about any skin type, it is made for dry skin which is right up my alley.

When testing out any product, the first place my eyes go is straight to the ingredient list, and I was impressed.  Organic aloe, olive oil, blue-green algae, jojoba oil and primrose oil take center stage for their beneficial properties of the skin. Intensive Eye Cream is very light and has the scent of lotion for all of 2 seconds.

Eye Eraser is a handy little gadget that pulsates and warms the cream under the eye area for what the brand states is deep and intense absorption.  This product is very easy to operate, all you have to do is touch the eye (or mouth) area and it will automatically turn on. Lift the product off the skin to turn it off. I found the eye eraser to be soothing, warm and relaxing. It put me in a trance. I’m hooked.

Before using Eye Eraser, you let it warm up because it does not reach 104 degrees as soon as you turn it on. I press my Eye Eraser on my hand until it’s warm. After three weeks, my eye area is softer, supple, and brighter.

Michael Todd Intensive Eye Cream is free of parabens, sulfates, artificial color or fragrance and cruelty-free.


Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo is an Ulta Exclusive, which retails $89.

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11 thoughts on “Ulta Exclusive! Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo

  1. Jennifer Juro

    This sounds like an amazing product! I have noticed recently that the skin around my eyes is starting to age and I am not a fan! I need to find this and check it out sounds great!


  2. Cindy

    This looks like an amazing product! I really appreciate you sharing about it. It is something I could use for sure. My eye area needs helps. With all these stressful days and long nights, its taken a toll on me! Oh yes and father time…This aging process has been rough!


  3. Carrie Beth Abramson

    I desperately need to try this! I basically live my life with dark circles under my eyes and I feel like I have tried so many products that haven’t worked. Thank you for sharing, I am testing this out soon!


  4. Amanda Simkin

    This sounds like a really interesting product. I inherited my mom’s extremely dark circles, and now that I am in my 30s I really need to work on my beauty regimine. Thanks for introducing me to this product!



  5. crystal

    This sounds like a product worth trying. I love that it seems fairly easy to apply and use.


  6. Rochkirstin Santos

    Any beauty product in the market are not created equal. Even if the products come from the same brand, some are still better than others. It’s great to read an honest review of the Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo and the Eye Cream. They look really well-made and suitable for people with dark circles and fine lines.


  7. Fi Ni Neachtain

    This looks like a really interesting product, I’ve never heard of the Michael Todd brand before so thanks for enlightening me. It’s great that you found the cream warm, soothing and relaxing for your skin. It’s always great to find products you love which work for your skin.


  8. Brook Devis

    This is a very nice product. Its important to take care also of our eyes area as we do in general for our face.Thank u very much for sharng your review.i will have a look on thier website to know more


  9. yonawilliams

    I’m not a huge fan of the color purple, but I must say that this packaging is pretty and eye-catching. I have used eye creams before, but never something that required batteries. I can imagine that the heat really
    does promote circulation and healing.


  10. Tiffany MrsTee Haywood

    Wow! What an amazing product. I have seen different applications like this for cleansing product but never to apply something like a skin care product for your eyes. The theory behind it makes a lot of sense and the packaging is definitely eye catching. Thanks so much for sharing – I will have to look into this a bit more.


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