Unexpected Gifts to Get Your BFF

If you have a bestie in your life, whether that be a friend, sister, or mom, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to get them a gift from time to time. The holidays are coming up, but there can be birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because’ gifts in between that time too. You may have just the thing to get them. Or you may be quite unsure. Because after all, when it is someone close to you, you want it to be an amazing gift, am I right? So here are some unique ideas to think about, next time there is an occasion to get your BFF a present.


Inspire with Stationery

If you want to help your bestie to live her best life and get inspired, then some stunning stationery could do the trick. From palm print notebooks to FiloFax, pen sets, and bullet journals, there are plenty of things out there to choose from. If she’s a list maker, then notebooks for lists can be a great idea, as well as funky pens, or classic pencils. The good news is that you can make it personal to her taste, but stationery is always a good idea.

Subscription Box for Monthly Treats

There seems to be subscription boxes out there for everything these days. But if you choose one that she will love, then you can be onto a winning thing. Beauty subscription boxes are popular, as well as foodie subscription boxes. You can get as many months as you can afford, and she will get the deliveries each month reminding her that she is loved.

For the Home

Homeowner or renting, I don’t know of many people that don’t want to get something new for the home. It could be something personalized like the Red Head Oak Barrels to put in the kitchen. It could be a martini set for entertaining with, or perhaps just some cushions or a throw to get cozy as winter approaches. Be sure to keep things in the style of the home decor, so you know that it will get plenty of use.

Self Care

When you’re rested and happy, then regardless of what is going on in your life you’re going to find things easier. Which is why getting a gift around the theme of self-care can be a good idea. It could be something like a pamper set and face masks, for instance (and a foaming face mask just for the hilarity). It could be some essential oils, a book, candles, or just one of their favorite things.

Great Night In

With winter getting closer, the temperatures are dropping and cozy nights in are definitely something that is more popular. So how about getting her something for a night in? It could be some new loungewear, slippers, movies, magazines, or some naughty sweet treats. Then you can enjoy them together or with other friends (like you need an excuse)!

Hope this helps; is there anything else that you would add to the list?

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