Upgrade Your Water Bottle With Contigo & Glitter.Gloss.Garbage


Spring is not that far away. We have less than 15 days left which means Mississippi heat is not that far off. With so many festivals, parades and Pickles’ football training camp on the horizon, I need a new water bottle. Water bottles are something I never fully invested in. Because I am a blogger, I occasionally get cute bottles with promotion materials, but they are not fully functional for a day out and about. The only bottles I have personally purchased are those huge water jugs that hold like all the water you need for the day? Heavy and unnecessary. Thanks to discovering Contigo, I can use a water bottle that will provide solutions for my impending busy life. Introducing, Contigo Courtland.

Of course, the most important feature is Contigo’s AUTOSEAL Technology. To the left of the bottle’s handle is a little button lock. Slide that lock to the right to unlock AUTOSEAL’s full potential. When you want to take a sip of your tasty beverage, press the button at the back of the handle in an upright position. With the button pressed tilt the bottle to drink. When you are done, release the bottle to seal. Slide the lock to the left to prevent spills and leakage.



Other features:

  • Clip on handle
  • One handed drinking
  • Leak proof
  • Spill proof
  • Lid is easy to clean

I’ve been using my bottle around the house, so I can’t wait to use it to its full potential! While we wait for the weather to warm up, how about four of you enter for a chance to win a bottle of your own. US only, enter using the widget below!


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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Water Bottle With Contigo & Glitter.Gloss.Garbage

  1. Heather ツ

    Iced lemonade.


  2. Erica K

    Fav hot day drink? Fruit infused water!


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