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I’ve looked near and far all over the web and you know what? I havent seen any swatches on black girls, so I’m doing this for you guys because no one was sure if the colors worked, and my readers requested it.

The Urban Decay Naked1 palette represented gold based tones, The Urban Decay Naked2 palette represented bronze based tones, and The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is advertised as having rose gold based tones. So let’s check this palette out  shall we?


Urban Decay Naked 3 packaging is a solid, sturdy rose gold metal case with Naked 3 written in gold. The palette contains 12 shades, weighing 1.3 grams per eyeshadow insert. The palette came with a dual ended eyeshadow brush, and 4 eyeshadow primer samples (original, sin, eden, and anti-aging).

Eyeshadow Formula/ Pigmentation


Strange –  Strange is a matte finished French vanilla. Pigmentation on it is very good. This would be a great shade to highlight with.

Dust – Dust is a shimmer finished light metallic pink with silver microglitter. It’s very chunky in terms of the glitter, but picks up fairly well.  Cleaning this one leaves a lot of shimmery after glitter (that’s what I call it), but there’s no actual fallout when applying.

Burnout– Burnout is a satin textured sheer peach. The powder itself is smooth and silky, glides on with no problem.


Limit– Limit is a matte finished mauve. This one was initially a little hard to pick up, but after brushing it a few times, it picked up nicely. The texture is powder on this one.

Buzz– Buzz is a frosty finished dusty rose. Pigmentation is really good on this shade, there’s a tad bit of fallout with this shade, but no big deal. The texture is smooth.

Trick– Trick is a metallic finished pinkish copper shade. Pigmentation is good, there’s no fallout. Texture is smooth and easy to apply.


Nooner– Nooner is a matte finished brown with mauve tones.  Pigmentation is decent, there’s no fallout. Nooner is a really pretty shade overall. I like it a lot.

Liar– Liar is a pearl finished medium brown with pink undertones. Pigmentation is good, there is a tiny bit of fallout.

Factory– Factory is a warm medium brown with a pearl finish.  Pigmentation is good, no fallout.


Mugshot– Mugshot is a deep chocolate brown with a metallic finish. Pigmentation is good, there is a tiny bit of fallout with this shade.

Darkside– Darkside is a deep brown with a satin finish. Pigmentation is good, no fallout.

Blackheart– Blackheart, my favorite color of the entire palette is a deep brown with purple tones with metallic blackened red microglitter. The shimmer reminds me of MAC Blackened Red pigment, which I love but never found a good use for. I’m afraid this shade is going to suffer the same unused fate, but only time will tell.

Overall Thoughts

I don’t think this palette is a must have. I do not see the purpose of a rose gold palette. A rose gold shade or two? Sure! A whole palette? Meh.  Skin finishing powders? YES. Eyeshadows? For why?

The only reason I purchased it, was because readers requested that I swatch it for them due to them stating that they saw no other swatches on the net from black girls (their words, not mine).  In addition, I am a hoarder.

When it comes to deciding between the Naked1, Naked2, and Naked3, I would have to pick the Naked1 hands down. There is nothing like the original. I’m a golden kinda girl. I like my gold shaded shadows, and I don’t care for pinks. Don’t be surprised if I don’t reach for it much.

Do I think this would work well on black girls? Sure I do. I think each and every shade is black girl friendly in this palette. So don’t let it sway you from purchasing.

Urban Decay Naked 3 is sold out for now, but have no fear it will restock. Urban Decay Naked3 retails for $52, and it will be available again on urbandecay.com, and will eventually move to all other retailers soon.



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17 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 3 Swatches+ Review+ Photos

  1. Shanta Carson

    Thank you for the review. The hoarder in me says to get it but the practical side says spend that $52 on something else. We’ll see which side wins out.


    1. Joanna

      My thoughts exactly 🙂


    2. GlitteryGlossy

      Let me know which side wins!


      1. Shanta Carson

        The hoarder won. SMH. I can’t wait to play with it though.


  2. chadias

    I’m the kind of person that could wear rosy gold shades all day every day for the rest of my life, so I’m asking for it as a birthday gift!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Sounds like an awesome gift! Happy Birthday in advance! 😉


  3. Lydia328

    I need this in my life.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      <3 get it boo!


  4. Courtney

    Love this review! I appreciate your honesty, too. Honestly, I have Naked 1 and 2, and WAS planning on getting Naked 3, but I think I have to wait to see it in person. Generally, shadows that pull pink look terrible on me :/


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I think they look pretty good on me, but 12 pink shadows? Not sure I needed that many.


      1. Courtney

        Yeah, you have a great point. I’m thinking about Sin in Naked 1 and though I like it, I can’t imagine having a whole palette of neutrals with a pink undertone. Thanks for saving me $52!


        1. GlitteryGlossy

          haha you are very welcome love!


  5. Andrea Hadjikyriacou

    nice review! just received it and can’t wait to try it!
    – Andrea


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