Use Your Garden As A Room! 4 Smart Tactics

Inside and outside. That has been the traditional division of things, but what if you could use your outside space more like another room in your home? Well, you actually can and reap all the benefits of this too, like having more space, spending more time outdoors soaking up vitamin D, and generally living a little more like you are on vacation every day. In fact, to make your garden into an outdoor room, all you need to do is follow the advice below.

Getting the transition right

Firstly, if you want to achieve the feel of a room in your garden, you need to get the transition from insight to outside just right. One way of doing this is to install bi-folding doors that completely fold back and create an open throughway from the inside of your home to the outside. Something that feels as if you are merging the line between the garden and the indoor space.

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Of course, such doors can be expensive to install and there are other ways of doing about this as well. One is to build a  conservatory or sunroom that leads directly to the garden. In fact, with a room like these, you can have large picture windows that open outwards and give much the same effect as the bifold doors.

Also, when creating the transition from indoor to outdoor space don’t forget to include plants and greenery on the inside as well. Once again this will soften the line between the outside and inside and make it your garden room a much more usable and integrated space.

Tend to the garden

Next, if you want your garden to truly act as another usable room for you and your family to spend time in, you will need to give it some love and attention. After all, no one will want to spend time outside if all they are greeted with is an overgrown jungle!

The first task for this is to make the areas accessible and suitable for your plans, something that getting a professional landscaping artist can help with. Just remember to discuss your plans for the space with them including where you will want seating areas and cooking areas as well as ideas for including organic dividers like shrubbery and trees. Something that can help you achieve multiple usable spaces in one garden area.

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Creating a garden space that is inviting is crucial.

How about a roof?

One of the most significant differences between inside rooms and outside rooms is that the former tends to have a roof. However, it is even possible to add some cover or a roof like structure to an outdoor room if you like.

In fact, this is something that can provide shelter from the sun, or rain, or even just create a more comfortable atmosphere to encourage people to spend time outside.

One option is to use a sunsail which is a durable waterproofed cloth that is rigged at an angle so water can flow off when it rains. Something that can even be used over part of the garden, especially if you live in a hot climate and know you will need some shade to enjoy your outside room safely.

Another option is to include a terrace. These tend to be structures that include just a roof and are open to the air on all sides. Something that once again provides shelter from the sun, but still help to integrate the space into the garden.

Finally, you may wish to go the route of a fully structured garden room or summer house. These tend to be built from wood like a shed but are larger and have bigger windows. They aren’t quite as open as the other options, but they can provide a nice cozy place to retire to when the weather is unfavorable, making them best for garden rooms that experience extreme more heat or cold.

Add room details

Lastly, don’t forget that there are many features that you can add to a garden room to elevate it from merely being a space for plants. One is an outdoor kitchen, which will encourage you and your family to have plenty of alfresco meals, cookouts, and entertain outside as well.

Also, most garden rooms need comfortable and durable furniture if they are going to be used in the most effective way. Of course, there are a lot of options on the market, but sofa style pieces that recreate the feeling of a sitting room outdoors are often the best choice.

You may even want to have a go at building your own from pallets. Something that can provide a very professional finish and help people to treat the garden as if it were just another room in your home.

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