Vanity Drains Sanity: Staying Healthy For The Right Reasons

We’ve all done it before. We’ve all been vain, and we all still are to some extent. It’s only natural that we’re shallow, to some extent, with regards to our appearances, as a combination of nature and nurture (from the media in a large part) has lead us all to fret and worry over the way we look. Of course, it can lead many people down the dangerous path of pursuing a “healthier lifestyle” for vain purposes. Perhaps that doesn’t sound so bad on the surface, but when that healthier lifestyle involves dietary or exercise regimes which are gruelling and put the body under immense amounts of strain or pressure that actually does more harm than good, then you’re not staying healthy for the right reasons and you’re certainly not staying healthy in a long-term sense, even if you are shedding weight.

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The same mistake I see people make time and time again is seeing a healthy body as a prize at the end of the road. That’s why crash diets have become so popular. Of course, there’s a reason they don’t work and, essentially, people just “crash” and burn after taking them; they’re short-term. Staying healthy shouldn’t be about achieving a goal as quickly as possible. It should be about creating a routine to last you a lifetime, otherwise, you’re only going to revert to your own ways at the end of the diet when you realize that living on peanuts and skipping meals isn’t a healthy lifestyle you could keep up forever.


The answer is moderation, balance, and consistency. Perhaps it won’t achieve the goals you want within the first week, yet simply reducing the negative elements of your lifestyle, such as eating junk food and spending too much time sitting but not enough time moving, will be enough to make noticeable changes to your health both physically and mentally. Simply drinking more water could make your skin glow and feel healthier. You’ll be happier with your appearance, and you’ll be doing it all for reasons of long-term health, rather than simply looking good in the short term but doing your body damage in the process.

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Your dream physique.

As discussed above, achieving a healthier bodily figure isn’t about starving yourself until you’re skinny, but keeping the body healthy first and foremost. A healthier “shape” will come as a result of this. You don’t have to look like a Hollywood star to have a healthy body, so focus on your BMI and other indicators of how healthy you are rather than your aesthetic. Of course, you could always look into tummy tuck surgery if you have lost a lot of weight already (for the right reasons) but you’re feeling a little self-conscious about the skin left behind. Every decision simply has to be made for the good of your health, and that’s the number one priority.


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Eat properly.

Some “fad” diets essentially require starvation, which poses a very serious health issue for many people. Again, losing mass amounts of weight very quickly does not always mean you’re heading down the path to a healthier body even if you do look slimmer on the outside. Our physical and mental health depends on so many factors such as the nutrients and vitamins we ingest, which is why it’s so important that we don’t neglect these from our diet. Carbohydrates and even sugars are also important in moderation. The answer to eating healthily is not deny your body food when it needs it. A balance of exercise to burn fat and a diet full of proteins and carbohydrates is the key to keeping everything in your body level.

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