How to Wear a Watch and Wear it Well

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Wearing a watch isn’t as common or popular as it once was. Many people now use their phones to tell the time. And if they don’t have their phone, there’s always a clock or some kind of electronic device that has the time, whether it’s a computer, alarm clock or tablet. Watches still make stunning accessories, so even if you don’t wear one for telling the time they make a great addition to an outfit. You can look at it as a stylish piece of jewelry that has the added function of telling the time. But how do you wear a watch well?

Pick a Flexible Watch

If you want to wear your watch more often than just on special occasions, pick one that you can wear with any outfit. A simple watch is best for this, nothing that looks too intricate or fancy. You can match a subtle watch with a thin band with anything. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring though – you can still wear a beautiful designer watch every day. Many people also have an everyday watch for functionality and a more expensive watch for accessorizing.

Big or Small?

Choosing the size of your watch will depend on how much you want it to stand out. If you want it to be one of the focal points of your outfit, a larger watch with a thicker band would suit you. But remember that you want it to enhance your outfit, not clash with it. Larger watches will also make your wrists and hands look smaller, so think about whether that’s something you want. The same goes for smaller watches and the risk of making your hands look bigger.

Pendant Watches

You don’t have to wear watches on your wrist. When it comes to womens watches, there are a few more options for accessorizing a watch. An interesting and unique way to wear a watch is to wear it on a necklace instead of on your wrist. You wear pendant watches around your neck, just like a necklace. They either have an uncovered watch face, or they flip open like a pocket watch. If you don’t like wearing bracelets or other wrist accessories, this is a great alternative to wristwatches.

Watches for Exercise

Sometimes you do want a watch purely for its functionality. If you’re a fitness freak, particularly if you’re a runner, relying on your phone to time yourself doesn’t produce the best results. Digital watches for running can not only time you but will keep track of other milestones for you too. Many sports watches will tell you how many calories you’ve burned. They can also tell you your pulse rate and even keep track of your progress over a longer period. You might think that sports watches aren’t ideal for wearing at other times. But you can get some beautiful sports watches that don’t look very “sporty” at all. Whatever you choose for your watch, make sure it’s both beautiful and functional. They might be beautiful accessories, but their original purpose is to tell the time.

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    I LOVE watches. Especially when I remember to wear one! LOL. I have big hands so I tend to go for big faces.


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