Wet n Wild Build A Foundation Brush vs. MAC 190

Wet n Wild Build A Foundation  (1)

I was in Walgreens a few days ago and stumbled upon more brushes from Wet n Wild. They released a similar line last year, but I missed out. It seems Mississippi never received those brushes at all. I will confess, I only wanted them because of the colorful handles, nothing more nothing less. But yay for second chances because I snagged the Build A Foundation brush and two eyeshadow brushes (though the handles are black) from the new collection. Is this brush good enough to replace my MAC 190? Only time will tell!

Wet n Wild Build A Foundation  (2)

Wet n Wild Build a Foundation brush is a short-handled (but not as short as the MAC 190SE, but not as long as a MAC 190) brush with two toned synthetic bristles. This style of brush is best for applying cream or liquid foundations for an even, smooth finish.

The bristles are softer, and more flexible than the MAC 190. Application was surprisingly similar to the 190. There was no streaking, it blends easily and applies foundation like a dream.

Build A Foundation was very easy to clean but be advised, it is going to shed a little, a problem I never had with my MAC 190 (my oldest 190 is 10 years old).

For $2.99, it is worth the price if you can’t get to a MAC counter. Otherwise, I would invest in the 190. I naturally cannot say how long this brush will last, but shedding has always been a strong indicator of the  life span of a brush.

Pick this baby up from Walgreens.

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Wet n Wild Build A Foundation Brush


Wet n Wild Build A foundation

MAC 190 SE

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3 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Build A Foundation Brush vs. MAC 190

  1. Kimmie

    i bought this a few weeks ago. i didn’t wash it prior to using it first and the bristles were a little prickly but once I did they were fine. I’ve used it with foundation, and to apply both primer and concealer if I’m in a hurry. Not bad for $3.


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