Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Coloricon Cream Eyeshadow Palette Collection

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For as long as I have been rocking with Wet n Wild, they have been making these cream glitter palettes every holiday season. I avoid them every year for a few reasons. For one, I always assumed the glitter was just an overspray. There’s nothing more disappointing than purchasing a product, no matter what the price and you think you are getting glitter but you end up with just an overspray. Another reason I was apprehensive was because it is a cream shadow. Cream shadows can be a pain in the butt with all the creasing, and so I avoided these palettes altogether. Until one fateful day I was in Walgreens looking for new makeup buying milk. I couldn’t resist. Now check the review.

The holiday cream palettes are 8 pan palettes with a mixture of glitter and metallic creams. The cream base is advertised as being infused with aloe and coconut oil to moisturize the skin. The brand also touts easy blending, no over drying, smooth application and no creasing for fading for hours (they don’t specify how many hours.

Included in the 2014 Holiday Collection are:

Fa LA. LA. LA.

wet n wild fa la la la

Fa LA. LA. LA.  is a combination of two blues, two greens, a brown, a white, a silver and a black. The right half of the palette performs better than the left. The brown in the palette is very sheer, almost like a gloss. The two blues and the silver on the left do not apply smoothly. They were very chunky. The hunter green was the best performer of the palette, the brown was the worst.

wet n wild fa la la la 1

wet n wild fa la la la swatches

Ho. Ho. Ho-llywood

wet n wild ho ho hollywood

Ho. Ho. Ho-llywood is a combination of earth tones, a black and that white glitter again. The right half of the palette performs better than the left. The brown with iridescent glitter and the black shadows in this palette are also very sheer like a gloss with a glittery overspray. The metallic colors perform very well, making them the best performers of the palette, and the brown and black being the worst. wet n wild ho ho hollywood 1

wet n wild ho ho hollywood swatches

Wishing For A Star

wet n wild wishing for a star

Wishing for a star is a combination of purples, black and silvers. Yes, that white glitter makes a cameo again. The white, silver and  lavender shadows swatched a little chunky and was very hard to smooth out. The black shade was the best performer.

wet n wild wishing for a star 1

wet n wild wishing for a star swatches

Just as I expected, the glitter is nothing more than an overspray. Under the glitter is either a shadow with a gloss like texture, or a creamy metallic. If you own the right brush to apply the creams, the better performing ones will work great.

Overall, I just don’t think these palettes are worth the hassle. They retail for $4.99 each.

wet n wild holiday 2014 1

wet n wild holiday 2014 3

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