While You Were Sleeping: L’Oreal Bought Urban Decay


According to Wall Street Journal Online, French beauty and skincare giant L’Oreal just put a major notch under it’s belt by acquiring Urban Decay Cosmetics, a privately owned brand. Now while this is great news for the consumer like me, this is not a party that everyone will enjoy because this sale leaves me with a huge question….

Once this sale is over…. will Urban Decay be cruelty free? If you look at the L’Oreal corporation, the only brand that is cruelty free and has remained that way since L’Oreal acquisitioned them is The Body Shop. Every other company under the L’Oreal umbrella (ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh) tests on animals in one way or another.

So will Urban Decay remain trill and continue to serve their vegan/cruelty free fan base? Or will they get on the boat with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and countless others and drop the cruelty free bunny?

Only time will tell….

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One thought on “While You Were Sleeping: L’Oreal Bought Urban Decay

  1. Hillary Hansen

    Hoping they stay true! And grateful if they offer some of the goodness at drug store prices!! (A girl can wish, can’t she? :))


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