#WinTheDay: Introducing Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruit Collection + Score It For FREE


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What kind of day are you having?

Bad hair day?

What about a bad skin day? It’s something we all have to face every once in a while but it’s no biggie. Win the day with Clearasil’s new Daily Clear Superfruit Collection. New products include Refreshing Superfruit Pads, Refreshing Superfruit Wash, and Refreshing Superfruit Scrub. These products contain salicylic acid, raspberry and cranberry fruit extracts to stop pimples dead in their tracks.

Bonus, this stuff smells great!

So how do I win the day? Music! My iPhone, plus Spotify, and a good pair of headphones (not these pictured they suck) and my day is won!

You can win the day too!  Visit the Clearasil website to print up your rebate form, and get more details on how to snag one of these new products for free!


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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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